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5 Ways To Maximise Space In Your Home

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Using interior design we can make the very best of our living spaces. If your home is on the smaller side, you might feel a bit stuck for decor ideas. When your rooms are feeling a little cramped, never fear, there are many simple ways that you can maximise space in your home.

1 . Improve your storage

To maximise space in your home, first you’ve got to improve your storage solutions. Choose storage that does not take up extra floor space, whether it’s under the bed storage, or furniture with storage.

When you’re choosing your shelving units, consider floating cabinets, or high-up shelves. Both designs can help you to maximise space in a room. When you’re shopping for storage solutions, ensure that you measure your space, and choose earth-kind materials where possible.

2. Throw out the clutter 

To make more room, it’s time to throw out the clutter! There are plenty of ways that you can dispose of unwanted items. You could donate your goods to a local charity store, or use a second-hand app to sell your possessions. A few of the most popular apps are Scpock, Vinted, Ebay or Pre-loved.

To help you get inspired, check out podcasts like Minimalist Moms or An Uncluttered Life. Here you’ll find lots of tips about decluttering your home, and your mind.

3. Self storage solutions

Some of us want to make more space but we don’t necessarily want to get rid of our items. In this case a self-storage solution is incredibly helpful. To find out more about self storage options, the Quick Self Storage website has lots of useful info.  Storage options are both secure and convenient, they are particularly useful if you are moving home. There are lots of benefits to using a self-storage unit such as:

  • You can store any seasonal items.
  • You can make more space in your home.
  • Useful when trying to downsize.

4. Illusions of space

Many of us like the idea of a bigger home, but not all of us can afford to upgrade. The good news is, there are lots of ways that you can create the illusion of space:

  • Add plenty of mirrors, to make your rooms seem bigger.
  • Paint your walls in light colours.
  • Use low-furniture.
  • Use natural light to illuminate your rooms.

5. Go minimal 

The best way to make your home look bigger is to go for a minimal decor theme. Minimalism is all about using a small amount of items, to make a big impact. Choose functional items, and only a few decor pieces. Be mindful with your purchases, and remember ‘less is more’. To get the best results, focus on a simple colour scheme, with no more than two main colours per room. If you don’t fancy minimalism there are plenty more summer interior design trends to discover.

It’s simple to maximise space, with a few simple adjustments. All of these ideas are easy adjustments that shouldn’t cost too much money.


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