15 Minute Arm Workout for Busy Mums

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We all want to look and feel good as mums but with little time to get to the gym or take the time to workout, its hard to fit it all in! I have come up with this short arm workout so that you can spend time working out without it taking hours whilst also feeling the benefits!

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Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to workout and by the time you have got into your gym gear, the motivation has gone or your attention is pulled elsewhere. These workouts are designed for you to get the most you can out of each workout whilst not impacting your day too much!

I know my time is limited now I’m back at work and the girls are in school. So, I need a 15 minute workout that I know works as well as me actually being able to feel and see it working for me.

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If you need to have an effective workout, but don’t have a lot of time to spare, many people make the most of having access to online personal trainers. It means you can fit in a great work out, without needing to leave home. Over time if you can find time to do more, your PT will work with you to make that a reality. Andy Griffiths has a range of programs that can help people get fit from home!

I also have a 15 minute workout specifically designed to get those arms working! It will burn but it will absolutely be worth it and if you’re looking to work those legs, I have a great 15 minute leg workout for busy mums too!

Let me know how you get on!

Arm Workout

Arm workout program

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