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Creating a Cleaning Schedule That Works for Busy Mums

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It can be really tricky to fit in the cleaning while looking after the kids and trying to get your own work done. It took me probably until Lottie was just over a year old to fall into a routine, I was not only happy with but actually worked. Now what works for me might not work for you but if you are struggling to juggle everything then you may find my cleaning schedule helps even a teeny bit.

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Cleaning Schedule

I came up with my schedule by adapting a couple of different techniques I read about and it took me around 6 months to get it how it is today. I think the most important thing for me was to accept that my house is never going to be a palace, it’s just not! We have 2 children and its pretty much me on my own with the kids Monday-Friday so I just can’t do it ‘all’.

The first thing I did was I went online and found some amazing blogs and Instagram accounts to follow. This led me to people like Mrs Hinch and Gemma at The Organised Mum Method. The TOMM method is the one I use most. I have the app and Gemma’s book, and this helps to keep me organised each day. The app has a fully customisable tick-list to tell me what I should be aiming to do each day, and this helps keep me focused.

Morning Routine

Each morning I do my 3 small jobs (make the beds, put the washing in, and quick clean of the toilets) before we go on the school run or if I don’t manage it all before then, straight after we get home! Then I check the app which handily keeps me updated on what day we are on too! Each day I have a set room that I clean and if it doesn’t get done, I just make sure I do it the next week. One of my golden rules is not to push jobs over to the next day as you will just never catch up! It means when you get up the next morning you have double to do!

Weekly Routine

My general routine is Mondays: living room, Tuesdays: Bathrooms, Wednesdays: Bedrooms, Landing, Hall and Stairs, and Thursdays: Kitchen. Fridays run on an 8-week loop of focus days. This is adapted from the TOMM method. So, one Friday it might be to focus on the living room, another Friday it will be the car. Then I know the whole house is cleaned and decluttered at some point over a 2-month period! Weekends are clean-free apart from the usual day-to-day running of the house, so it means I get a break to enjoy my weekends.

Sometimes half the battle is knowing where to start isn’t it?

If your struggling with anything else or would like some personalised help, please contact me and I can try and help!


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