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5 Lessons Learned From Lockdown

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With the world in and out of quarantine and lockdown, many people have become acutely aware of what it is like to not have regular access to the services provided to them on a regular basis. A good number of them have allowed good habits to slip, which in the long term can seriously affect their health along with the other negative effects that isolation can bring. 

Lessons learned from lockdown

Looking after yourself and relying on others has become something that many have had to seriously focus on in order to prevent them from slipping into bad habits that would require correcting later on. So with the world still plodding on and trying to get back to normal, what are the lessons learned from lockdown?


Being aware of your diet

The problem with lockdown and isolation is that, for a lot of people, a diet of convenience food was easy and simple, but not good for you in the long run. Your diet should be balanced and not be full of sugary foods and saturated fats. With limited access to shops, many people turned to takeaways and easy foods to make and started to neglect their diets. The lesson learned was that people are too willing to allow lockdown to become their excuse for letting their diet and good habits slip. Not enough people hold any kind of stock within their household to prevent this from happening again and unfortunately for some they don’t have the facilities to do so. However, just stocking up a cupboard with some essentials is a good start.

At-home workouts

During lockdowns, the world over, gyms and other fitness centres were inaccessible to everyone. Plenty of people used this as an excuse to let their fitness programs slip if not stop altogether. If anything this was the time that you should have been keeping yourself healthier than ever. Keeping your body healthy is good for keeping your mind healthy. If you have limited access to a gym, get on the internet and search for home workouts. Keep yourself healthy for your family.

Getting good sleep

With many jobs and employers putting their staff on furlough, sleep schedules the world over went out of the window as people suddenly had nowhere to go in the mornings. Bad sleep or a lack of sleep can cause serious health problems down the line if not quite quickly. Poor sleep has been linked to stress, bodily illness and many, many more health problems. There is a definite link to poor sleep and irritability in general so make sure you get your head down. This is about keeping healthy and sleep is needed for good health. Regardless if you have anywhere to go in the mornings or not, don’t oversleep and get your 7-8 hours every night.

Keeping yourself entertained

Staving off boredom isn’t normally hard. But when you have to do it all day every day for about 3-4 months, even the most exciting of tasks can start to lose their shine. In this case, it has become essential to find hobbies that resonate with you in a way that they won’t become boring over time. If lockdown taught the world anything, it’s that many people just simply cannot keep themselves entertained at all for long periods of time. Many across the world simply lacked the hobbies or interests necessary to keep themselves occupied during the lockdown. Which means that they don’t have the hobbies necessary to keep themselves going normally. Hobbies are good for the min and the creative side of your life and in some cases great for the body too. Always be willing to pick up something new in order to pass the time. If you learn something useful along the way, then even better.

Finding a professional

Finally, having access to a professional in whatever field is necessary at the time was shown to be another thing that was taken for granted. Access to immediate medical care for minor issues or having a tradesperson at your door within a few hours seemed like a thing of the past. However many businesses came through by providing the same services but in a modified way. For example, you could see a Simple online doctor for minor medical ailments that didn’t require immediate or physical treatment. Lessons were put online for schools and other provided live streams and emergency work where required. It was learned that people could get by without seeing many professionals and that a lot of people were using their services were doing so unnecessarily. Of course not every problem can be solved by yourself so if you do need to speak to a professional for wherever reason then you should.

What are your lessons learned from lockdown?

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