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5 Perfect Christmas Day Outfits for Mums

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I always like to dress up a bit on Christmas Day. We don’t tend to see family on the actual day, but I love to put a nice dress on or a nice outfit for my Christmas dinner. After all, it only happens once a year! This year, with things even more different than usual, I have put together 5 of my favourite Christmas Day outfits, perfect for mums who are either busy cooking or busy entertaining the kids! They are comfortable, durable yet look great too!

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Ok so not 100% for everyone but I decided the first outfit would be some Christmassy PJ’s! I have personally never worn pjs for the whole day, but I can see the attraction. If you’re not going anywhere and you have no one coming to you, why not?! I picked these ones as they are cute and look so comfortable!

Blue 'OH DEER' Pj's

I always opt for a Christmas jumper and jeans combo. Comfy enough to sit playing on the floor with the kids but also looks nice! I’m a huge fan of the Christmas Coca Cola advert so love this jumper!

Red Coca Cola jumper

I added another Christmassy top to the list as I don’t think you can get enough of them really! This one is so pretty in pink and would look great with jeans!

Pink holly jumper

A dress and leggings are a great option for feeling comfortable lounging on the sofa, sitting on the floor and also eating pretty much whatever you like! This one can be dressed up or down and is stretchy enough for that extra bit of Christmas pudding!

Black dress with heart canes

Not an outfit as such but slippers are probably high on the Christmas Day outfit list. Perfect for staying in at home (or someone else’s!) they are comfy enough to wear all day and warm enough to keep your toes cosy! These are ridiculously cute and fluffy!

Reindeer slippers

So, whether you dress up for Christmas Day or just like to wear your jammies, there will hopefully be some inspiration for you this year!

What are you favourite Christmas Day Outfits?

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