5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Double Glazing Windows

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Did you know that double glazing windows are almost a century old? They first appeared in the United States in 1930 and used to be accurately described as thermopanes. But households in the UK would have to wait another 30 years before starting to put double-glazing into their decor. 

Nowadays, it is pretty much the window of choice of the British household. While some properties have kept their single-glazing decor, chances are, you’ve already got a second pane of glass to your windows. 

But, double-glazing windows don’t last forever. So what are the signs they need replacing? 

Upgrade Your Double Glazing
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#1. You can see condensation between the panes

Essentially, the role of the double-pane design is to insulate your home by creating an air gap contained between each side of the glasses. It acts as a heat transfer obstacle. So, regardless of the temperature outside, it should not seep into your home. Unfortunately, if you spot condensation inside the window, it’s time to replace your double glazing. Indeed, it means that air can circulate into the gap between the panes, which affects the insulation quality. 

#2. There are marks that won’t go away

Regardless of how much you rub, scrub, and try to clean your windows, you can’t get rid of some pesky streaks. There could be a few reasons for the permanently dirty panes. Firstly, it may be worth upgrading your window-cleaning kit. An electric window vac can get rid of awkward stains that are hard to reach. What it can’t do, though, is remove deep scratches. These scratches may not have broken the glass pane, but they have weakened it. So it’s best not to take any chances. Scratch marks don’t go away, unfortunately! 

#3. The window frame is damaged

If you’ve opted for elegant wooden window frames, you can sometimes see signs that the frame is rotting. Typically, the paint may bubble on top, and some areas may be soft to the touch. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only wooden frames can get damaged. You can experience similar issues with uPVC frames, such as visible cracks forming, brittle corners, or even moisture coming through from around the frame. This could happen with poorly installed windows, but also if your property has moved slightly over the years. You may want to check the walls and the foundations first to ensure the issue is not serious.  

#4. The frame has become hard to operate

You have to use force to open or shut the windows. Panes that used to swing open get now stuck halfway through the motion. This can be linked to a broken mechanism within the frame. Even though it is not visible from the outside, the window is not functional anymore. So, you will need a replacement to prevent further problems. 

#5. You are adding an extension

If you are planning home improvement works, such as an extension, your window may naturally move “inside” the house. It may be a good idea to replace it with a glass pane insert that lets the light through but doesn’t open. 

Are you ready to look after your double-glazing windows and make the most of them? Remember: nothing lasts forever. So, as soon as your windows lose some of their functions or fail to stop the air from coming in, it’s time to think of a replacement. Old and damaged windows increase your energy cost and affect your decor.

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