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Sparkly, Streak-Free Windows with the MVPower Window Vac

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When I was pregnant with Lottie I started to get behind with the cleaning and general housework. Mia had just started school and I was just so exhausted from an anxious pregnancy, going back and forth on the school run and trying to get ready for baby! We decided we needed a cleaner to help me out so started with a local company (who were amazing!) once a fortnight pretty much until Lottie was about 13 months old.

Window Vac cover image

Having a cleaner was so helpful and meant I didn’t need to think about doing anything but little top-ups here and there. However, as Lottie got a bit older and I was able to leave her to play a little, I began to find my cleaning mojo and eventually we were able to leave the house cleaning to me again!

Fast forward to now and I have a great routine going that means I clean a different area of the house for 30 minutes each day with weekends completely off and the house is pretty much always clean and tidy (it does help that Mario works away all week too!!). Over the past few months I have been looking at extending and improving the tools I use for the cleaning jobs and this month I was asked to try out a window vac!

I have fancied a window vac ever since reviewing the Wizmop a couple of years ago. Whilst this was really useful for cleaning the windows it is a bit awkward and a bit of a faff to use so I just use it as a kitchen floor mop now (which it is fab for!). We also used to have a window cleaner who disappeared, so our outside windows haven’t been done for nearly a year!

The vac we have been testing out this month is the MVPower window vac. A rechargeable electric window cleaner kit which aims to give easy, streak-free drying to all your windows and glass.

Window vac kit

When I first saw the MVPower window vac I thought it reminded me immediately of the Karcher window vac I have had my eye on, so I was really pleased about that! The vac itself is easy to put together straight from the box and took me the ad break of Bake Off to do which is handy for someone as impatient as me to try out new products! In the box you get the vac, spray bottle and 2 microfibre cloths. As well as this, there is a telescopic rod which extends the vac by up to 75cm which is fab to reach high or awkward windows.

Microfibre cloth attached to the bottle
Extendable rod for window vac

All you have to do is fill the spray bottle with your favourite window cleaner solution (I use Windolene Window Cleaner Spray) and spray onto the window. Then use the microfibre cloth attached to the spray bottle to wipe down the window. Next up is the vac. Press the power button and place onto the window. All of the moisture is then sucked up into the wastewater tank leaving you with beautifully clean windows! You can even suck up spillages around the house without the need for a cloth and without spreading it around and making it worse!

White microfibre cloth attached to spray bottle
The window vac powered up

The vac has 2 power settings, but I only ever really used the 1st, I’m not sure why you would need the extra setting at the moment unless you were dealing with a major spillage! It lasts about 30 minutes on a full 3 ½ hour charge so more than enough time to do all the windows in the house and more! With a wastewater tank of 200ml, there should be no need to keep emptying it while in use and when you do need to, it’s really easy to clean. I still haven’t emptied it or charged it since the first charge, and I have been using it for 2 weeks!

I think the MVPower window vac is great! It’s really good value at £29.99 and works really efficiently. It’s not a huge investment and it definitely leaves a lovely shine on the windows and they are completely streak free. I love the fact you can pretty much use it on any glass surface, and I use it on large mirrors and on the bathroom shower screen, but you could also use it on the car windows and high gloss kitchen units! I will definitely be using it every day to keep our windows looking clean, sparkly and streak-free!

If you want to compare window vacs for your home, here is a fab guide to the best ones on the market!

Do you currently use a window vac for streak-free windows?

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