5 Steps to a Cosy Winter Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be a haven of comfort and calm. During the winter months, it’s more important than ever to make your home feel cosy. A few simple changes to the colour scheme or lighting could make a big difference. Consider adding a bit of texture and warmth as well with some new accessories. Make your bedroom the perfect retreat from the cold weather. Cuddle up inside with these five steps to a cosy winter bedroom. 

Consider a muted colour scheme

If you want to create a more cosy environment, decorate with muted colours rather than bright. You can choose a colour palette based on the furniture or other accents in the room. See what suits you and your own personal style. More neutral colours will create a cosier bedroom and a calming effect. These could include greys, beiges, pastels, and certain warmer hues. 

Add warmth with texture

As you prepare your home for winter, add some warmth with texture. You could invest in a few new rugs, pillows, or throws to make your bedroom cosier. These will literally warm up the place as well, you might need a new blanket for your bed in the cooler months, and rugs help to insulate the floor. You could even consider getting some textured bedding, to make your bed even more inviting. 

Experiment with different sources of light

In order to create cosy lighting, try experimenting with different sources of light. Don’t just have one main light source in the room. Try setting up smaller lamps or even candles. Use dimmer bulbs for nighttime and create a warmer light. Look into decorative light features that have warm or gold tones and that add a stylish touch to the room at the same time. If you like you could even add fairy lights for a bit of seasonal whimsy.

Get the right bed

Your bed should be the focal feature of your bedroom. It’s not only important for your decor overall, but it’s got to be comfortable. If your bed is in need of an upgrade, check out these wooden bed frames. Their natural appearance creates a cosy setting and what’s more, they’re made from reclaimed wood so completely eco-friendly. While you’re at it, update your mattress as well to something with more support. This will help you sleep better in your new cosy winter bedroom.

Upgrade your curtains or blinds

If you would like to add further insulation you could think about getting thermal curtains. These will keep the heat in so no more waking up cold during the night. You can add to the cosy effect you’re creating by getting new curtains or blinds. Match them to your colour scheme and look for heavier or textured options for the winter weather. Changing your window treatments will impact the overall feel of the room. You can find plenty of energy-conserving options as well that won’t compromise on style. Why not create a stylish yet cosy bedroom to snuggle up in this winter?


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