Whitworths ‘Sunny Fruit Mix-Ups’ Healthy Snacks

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As parents we are always trying to find snacks that are not only practical to keep in our bags for the day and taste good but also that are the healthier option that our children will choose and enjoy. Whitworths, who are celebrating their 130th birthday this year, is one of the Uk’s leading brand of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. They are experts in bringing us innovative yet tasty, healthy products and their latest product launch is the children’s snack Sunny Fruit Mix-Ups!

Sunny Fruit Mix-Ups are the perfect snack for children (and adults!) when on the go. Perfectly sized to pop straight into your bag, the Mix-Ups contain real fruit pieces that are dried, chopped and have no added sugar so they are a healthier snack choice. Available in 3 flavours; apricot and mango, pineapple and raisin, and strawberry and sultana, the Mix-Ups are not only healthier but the unique combination of flavours keep children interested in their snacks. I know from experience that Mia soon gets bored with the same types of snacks and the same combination of flavours so I was really interested to see how she would get on with these snack bags. She loves anything that comes in a little bag as she knows they are for her and I know she feels ‘grown-up’. She was really excited when she saw the snack bags themselves. Each flavour comes in a bag of 6 and is sealed in a foil bag for freshness. Great for an afternoon snack or to grab on the go!

sunny fruit mix ups

Each of the flavour combinations has its own little character that features on the packaging. There is Ollie Pineapple, Bella Raisin, Archie Strawberry, Ava Sultana, Jack Mango, and Emily Apricot and I really hope that they build on these characters in future snacks launches as children can really get involved with the characters while eating their snacks. Mia seemed to enjoy the characters and the packaging really appeals to children.


Mia really likes the strawberry and sultana Mix-Ups and although she likes the other 2 flavours, anything with strawberry in is a winner for her at the moment! I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the pineapple and raisin Mix-Ups as they are an interesting and unique flavour combination and I like that about them. It’s sometimes not easy to take an apple or banana with you when you are out but these Mix-Up snacks provide a great way of getting fruit into your family, wherever you are! Priced at around £1.85, they are also great value as each larger pack contains 6 smaller packs. There is no doubt that the new Sunny Fruit Mix-Ups are really tasty and they are perfectly sized for little lunch boxes and handbags which means they are a winner for me!


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