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Winter Hair: Protecting Your Locks in 4 Simple Steps

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Maintaining your hair at its best is challenging throughout the year, let alone during the harshest months of winter! The low humidity levels can dry your hair, while the cold and wind can contribute to making it fizzy and vulnerable. 

Protecting Your Locks

While this year the winter that’s approaching will be a little different from any other, there is no excuse to avoid looking after our hair. Especially as we will be spending a lot of time indoors, where the chances to get the restoring vitamin D from the sun are limited. Here is what you can do to see your hair thriving throughout the winter months.

Wrap Your Hair in a Scarf

First off, remember to protect your hair. This is one of the easiest steps to introduce, but it can go a long way. You can just use a scarf or hat to protect your hair from the adverse effect that wind, low temperatures, and low humidity levels can have on it. 

Additionally, a scarf will prevent your hair from becoming knotty. In turn, there won’t be any need for you to spend time trying to straighten your hair, breaking some strands and weakening others.  

Use Natural Products to Condition Your Hair

Vegan, organic, and cruelty-free hair butters and pomades are taking over the market – give them a try! These products leverage the power of nature to offer you professional results, without the need to leave your home. They can be useful to style your hair naturally, but they are also optimal to supply your locks with all the nutrients, minerals, and compounds needed to shine even during these dark, cold months!

Rethink Your Bed Linen

The bed linen you have on your bed can contribute or become an obstacle to the health of your hair. Indeed, it has been seen that natural fibres such as linen and cotton can help you better look after your hair. Oppositely, more synthetic and low-quality fibres can have the opposite effect. 

Indeed, these are likely to create friction, knotting and damaging your hair as you sleep. However, luckily, there is a simple solution to this issue: swap your pillowcases for more natural, higher-quality ones. You are likely to notice positive results on the look and feel of your hair in just a couple of nights!

Since you are already preparing your bedroom for winter, you can get the chance to also invest in new bed linen for this cold season!

Leave It Natural – But Look After It!

Even if you love to style your hair and experiment with different looks, you should not overdo it during the winter months. Your hair is likely to be already stressed, more vulnerable, and therefore, more likely to break. Instead, opt for simple, comfortable styles that you can wear under a hat or scarf. 

At the same time, make sure you are washing your hair less than usual to ensure that the naturally-occurring oils on the scalp can replenish the hair with all the nutrients it needs to be protected. Don’t forget to treat your locks to regular masks and conditioning – at least once a week!

How do you go about protecting your locks?

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