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How to Prepare Your Home For The Winter Months

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October is many people’s favourite time of the year- the autumn months mean that though the days are growing shorter, there are still some days of enjoying some of the last of the summer warmth, the trees show us their beauty by changing colours, Starbucks brings back it’s PSL- honestly? What more could you want?

Well, the autumn is also the perfect time of the year to start preparing your home for the winter before the cold sets in and you and your family get to spend more cosy evenings snuggled up together with blankets. 

Here are some of the things you should do to prepare your home for winter. 

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Identify draft points

If you live in an older house in England, you’ll know that drafts come as part of the package. During the winter months, this is not only annoying, but it can end up costing you hundreds more pounds a year in energy bills trying to keep the place warm. Windows are doorways are often the biggest culprit of letting in the air. In the house, a simple fix would be to get some draft extractors underneath any doors. However, this also goes for any outbuildings you have- going beyond finding ways to fix a noisy garage door. You’ll need to protect your belongings stored in any of these outer buildings from the winter weather. The last thing you want are your belongings being destroyed, needing replacement at a later date. 

Clear Your Guttering 

Autumn may be the prettiest season when it comes to the natural colours of the leaves changing, but the leaves eventually fall. The downside of this is that they will fall and gather wherever they feel like it- often in our gutters. It’s not the most glamorous job, with all the rotting leaves, moss and bugs that gather there, but it is possibly one of the most important. 

Blocked gutters may cause more damage, both internal and external, than you bargained for. Best get somebody to have a look at those for you if you’re uncomfortable with heights! 

Get a Heating MOT

Coming home to a warm house on a cold day is the definition of bliss. You get to take off your scarf and outdoor clothes and settle down in your PJs. But what if disaster struck and you came into the house being able to see your breath because the heating was left off? Even worse- what if your boiler stopped working altogether and you’re left with the kids struggling to keep off the chill sharing that one blanket? Get that boiler checked out before the cold weather sets in when you just want to be cosy at home. 

Doing this will help to prevent huge emergency plumber call-out fees should the worst happen and you’re left out in the cold- literally. You could also check to see if the boiler in your home comes with a guarantee! 

What other things do you like to do in order to prepare your home for the winter?


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