Turtlemeter Bath Toy & Thermometer

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When Mia was first born, as first time parents, we were obsessed with getting everything ‘right’ and panicked over the smallest of things completely normally. Once Mia had been on the planet for a year, we became a bit more relaxed and realised as normal human beings; we were going to be ok as parents! However, it doesn’t stop us from being worried from time to time and as Mia seems to have my sensitive skin, she has always turned into a lobster when she gets in the bath no matter what the temperature is!

As a child who loves water, she would happily have a bath every single night but I can only muster up the energy every other! I worry about bath temperature and Mia’s skin so when I saw an opportunity to test out a Turtlemeter Bath Toy & Thermometer, I was really interested in how useful it would be for Mia being a 3 year old child, as opposed to being a new-born baby.

The Turtlemeter is a cute little turtle bath toy with the addition of being an accurate bath thermometer. It instantly activates upon contact with water so there is no fiddling with switches or buttons needed. Using the 3 sensors underneath, the thermometer then accurately measures the temperature of the water, displaying the temperature in 2 ways; in Celsius on the easy to read LCD screen, and by changing colour to indicate the temperature (Blue = too cold, Red = too hot, and Green = perfect). The display then switches off automatically once contact with water is broken. 

Turtlemeter Bath Thermometer Temperatures
The colours are far brighter then this photo shows, I just couldn’t get a good ‘angle’

The thermometer is great as it is extremely easy to read and simple to use. Not only do you know the exact temperature of the bath water but you can also see at a glance whether the water is suitable or not, which is great when you’re a busy parent trying to do a few things at once! The thermometer is great to set your mind at ease, sometimes I struggle to tell what temperature Mia’s bath water should be by just sticking my hand in so it’s great to know that it is fine for Mia. It’s also handy with Mia playing with turtle in the bath, I can see when she has been in too long and the water has started to go a bit cooler as the Turtlemeter starts to turn blue!

Turtlemeter Bath Thermometer Red

Turtlemeter Bath Thermometer Green

When Mia was a baby we had a thermometer but it wasn’t very good once it had been submerged for a few months however this Turtlemeter looks and feels robust, like it will last a long while. Priced at £19.99 and requiring 3 AAA batteries (included), the Turtlemeter is really well priced and I would have no issue paying that much for it. The Turtlemeter is a really cute design and serves not only as a thermometer but a great bath toy. Since he floats nicely on the top of the water Mia can see where he is even when hiding amongst the bubbles! He is a great addition to Mia’s bath time and I’m sure he will be for a while to come!

Turtlemeter Bath Thermometer

Turtlemeter Packaged


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