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A Parent’s Guide to Becoming a Model

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Embarking on a modelling career can be both exciting and challenging. It’s a field that requires more than just good looks; it demands dedication, discipline, and a clear understanding of the industry. And modelling can be an excellent opportunity for parents (moms, moms-to-be, dads) and children. So, if you’re considering what to do for extra income, consider becoming a model as an option. 

These tips will guide you whether you are just starting or looking to refine your approach to becoming a successful model.

Know Your Strengths 

Modelling isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry. It celebrates diverse looks, styles, and personalities. Begin by recognizing your unique strengths and attributes. Think about what you’re more suited for and focus on that. 

Here are some potential opportunities for parents in the modeling industry.

Commercial Modelling

Ideal for depicting products and services related to family, home, and lifestyle, where parents can be featured in various domestic and consumer scenarios. 

Lifestyle Modelling

Parents can model in real-life settings, showing day-to-day activities such as family outings, holiday celebrations, or home life. This can also be eCommerce photography in the area of lifestyle photography. Ecommerce photography studio Vidd Studios explains it best: “Great eCommerce photography is about helping the customer visualize a favourable, powerful story about the product.”

Fashion Modelling

Opportunities in clothing lines that cater to family wear, including casual, formal, and specialty attire like maternity and paternity wear.

Fitness Modelling

Modelling for fitness and wellness products and apparel and equipment can be viable for parents who maintain a fitness-oriented lifestyle. 

Plus-Size Modelling

Embracing body diversity and plus-size modelling for parents reflects a more inclusive fashion and commercial advertising approach.

Parenting and Family-Oriented Modelling

Representing the various aspects of parenting, from early childhood products to family planning services.

Catalog Modelling

Modelling for various products in catalogs, such as family-oriented apparel, home goods, and lifestyle products.

Beauty and Skincare Modelling

Opportunities in the beauty industry, focusing on products for adult skincare, hair care, and cosmetics that appeal to parents.

Real People Modelling

Authentic representation of everyday parents in various advertising campaigns, emphasizing relatability.

Influencer Modelling

Parents with a significant online presence can leverage social media to collaborate with brands, often focusing on family-oriented content.

Senior Modelling

This modelling category specifically targets parents and individuals in their senior years. It focuses on advertising products and services designed for the mature adult demographic. In addition, it highlights and celebrates the unique lifestyle, needs, and experiences of older generations.

Hand and Foot Modelling

Specialized modelling focusing on products related to hand and foot care, jewelry, and footwear that parents might use.

Voice-Over Modelling

Parents with distinctive voices can find opportunities in voice-over work for commercials, educational materials, or storytelling.

Maternity/Paternity Modelling

Specifically showcasing the journey of parenthood, including pregnancy and early child-rearing stages.

Understanding your strengths can help you focus efforts and find your niche in the vast world of modelling.

Understand the Job Duties

Modelling is more than posing for cameras. It can involve long hours, often in different locations and under varying conditions. You may be required to travel frequently and adapt to different environments and teams. 

Understanding the demands and duties of the job can prepare you mentally and physically for challenges. It would also guide your decision on what kind of modelling to do. For most parents, something they can do from home or near home would be ideal. 

Your Appearance is Important

Your appearance is your tool in this trade. This means maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, a balanced diet, and proper skincare routines. However, remember that self-care also involves mental health; staying positive and confident is equally essential.

Take Professional Headshots 

Becoming a model necessitates professional headshots. They are your first impression in the modelling world and vital to your professional portfolio. So make the investment and showcase your natural look and personality. A good headshot captures your potential.

Put Your Portfolio Together

Your portfolio is like your resume. It should contain various shots that display your versatility as a model. Include different expressions, poses, and styles to showcase your range. Keep updating your portfolio as you gain more experience and photos.

Find a Modelling Agency

Not all modelling agencies are the same. Research agencies to find one that aligns with your style and goals. Look for agencies with excellent reputations and a track record of nurturing their models. Remember, a good agency should invest in your development without demanding exorbitant fees upfront.

Is a Modelling School Right for You?

While not mandatory, a modelling school can provide valuable insights and skills. These schools offer training in various modelling aspects, including posing, runway walking, and industry etiquette. They can also be a gateway to networking opportunities.

Find Open Casting Calls 

Open casting calls are auditions that are open to the general public. These can be great opportunities to get noticed by industry professionals. Keep an eye out for casting calls, and when you attend, be professional, punctual, and prepared.

Maybe Moving is Ideal 

For those committed to becoming a model, relocating to a major city teeming with industry opportunities can be good. For example, cities like Los Angeles stand as pivotal hubs in the modeling world, offering many prospects in various facets of the field. 

Such metropolitan areas are renowned for their vibrant editorial, runway, and commercial scenes. They are bustling with top agencies, renowned photographers, and high-profile events. Establishing yourself in such dynamic environments can provide unparalleled exposure and access to a network of industry professionals.

In Closing, Exercise Patience

Becoming a model requires patience, perseverance, and a proactive approach. Stay informed about the industry, continually improve your skills, and maintain a positive, professional attitude. Dedication and the right approach can turn your modelling aspirations into a rewarding career.

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