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Looking And Feeling Fantastic While You’re Pregnant

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There is often this misconception that pregnant women have to dress in baggy, dull and dated clothing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and thankfully people are beginning to realise that. So how can you make sure you’re looking and feeling fantastic while pregnant?

Thanks to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Fearne Cotton and Sarah Michelle Gellar, we are all embracing how the yummy (soon to be) mummy can be the ultimate trendsetter. Therefore, keeping that in mind, this blog post will reveal the top trends in autumn maternity wear, to ensure that your wardrobe is bursting with everything that is fashionable and fabulous. 

Whether you have fallen pregnant naturally or you’ve gone through the egg donation experience, you deserve to feel great about yourself and your body.

When looking for clothes, one colour that you should certainly be injecting into this season’s wardrobe is blue. Blue is a great colour because it comes in a vast variation of shades. This means that there is bound to be a shade which is suitable to all women – no matter their hair colour, skin tone, body shape or eye colour. Blue is also ideal for the colder months because it is available in a selection of deep shades. However, it has a lot more life and energy to it than other colours associated with cold-weather clothing, such as black, grey and brown.

For those who want to find the perfect balance between making a statement and feeling comfortable during autumn and winter, the best option to go for is certainly a maxi dress. Over the past few years, maxi dresses were considered something which was only for summer style. However, now there is nothing chicer then teaming a jersey maxi dress in a dark shade of colour with a snood and a jacket or cardigan.

In fact, a good idea is to team your maxi dress with a long cotton cardigan. In recent times cardigans lost their place in trend-setting terms as they played second fiddle to the likes of boyfriend blazers and fur jackets. However, long comfy cardigans are well and truly the item to go for when aiming to stay warm and look great. If you want to mix it up a bit then try going for a cardigan which boasts an interesting design, such as an Aztec pattern. 

The three trends mentioned in this blog post are the top three looks to go for this season with regards to autumn maternity wear. With super stylish garments and that gorgeous pregnancy glow, you are assured to look great and feel great!

How do you ensure you’re Looking And Feeling Fantastic when pregnant?

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