Achieving a Perfect Smile with CB&CO Extreme Whitening Gel

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I have always been self-conscious about my smile. I hate smiling on camera and when I do have photos taken of myself I rarely like them! I have always had good teeth and although they are stain-free (not a coffee or red wine drinker!) and look nice; they aren’t the brilliant white colour I would love them to be. I have previously tried out a teeth whitening product but I was given the opportunity to be one of the first to try out a brand new teeth whitening gel with activated charcoal and as I know charcoal is really good for whitening your teeth, I thought it was worth a go at seeing if it could help me in achieving the perfect smile with my teeth.

Activated charcoal has been used for medicinal purposes for many years now due to its unique properties. When the charcoal is used in toothpastes or powders, it can bind to bacteria and other substances and help to get rid of them. This means that it binds to substances that stain teeth such as red wine and coffee and works quickly to whiten teeth after just a few uses.

CB&CO have recently launched their new activated charcoal teeth whitening range and sent me the extreme whitening gel to try out over the last couple of weeks. The gel contains their unique whitening formula as well as 100% natural activated charcoal which give instant results to the user. The gel formula helps not only to whiten teeth but also eradicates plaque and freshens breath without the use of fluoride. If you have seen charcoal products before you will know that traditional charcoal powder is extremely messy and difficult to use however this new gel formula makes it so easy to use and there is literally no mess!

Perfect Smile

The gel is certainly very easy to use; just use it in place of your normal toothpaste. Apply the gel to your toothbrush, brush for 2 minutes and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Even though I know it’s made with charcoal, I don’t think I realised just how black the gel would be but once you get over the initial shock of that, it’s no problem using the gel at all. Unlike using charcoal powder to use as toothpaste, the gel is not as messy and does not fill your mouth with black liquid! The gel is peppermint flavour so isn’t too dissimilar in taste to normal toothpaste either.

Perfect Smile

I found that after about 3 days, my teeth were starting to look brighter and less dull looking. The gel leaves your mouth feeling as fresh as normal toothpaste and I will continue to use the whitening gel from now on. It’s currently on sale for £19.99 and is well worth buying for an easy and straight forward way to whiten your teeth without any effort at all.

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