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Mario is obsessed with his car and I mean obsessed! We aren’t actually allowed in Mario’s car very often as he likes it to stay spotlessly clean and unMia-ed! So when he gets a spare 3 hours on a weekend (yes, 3 hours!), he can be seen happily washing, drying and polishing his beloved motor from top to bottom. Every now and again, he even finds time to do mine, of which I’m very appreciative! (I hate cleaning, let alone cleaning my car and God forbid I take my new car through a car wash!). Mario has also written a blog review, comparing BD Clean car products to other cleaning products on his blog.

With this in mind, when I noticed that BD Clean were looking for bloggers to review their car cleaning products, I knew Mario would be really interested.  BD Clean is a company specialising in car cleaning products based in Birmingham. They are specifically aimed at car enthusiasts who want to keep their cars clean, maintained and like new for as long as possible. We were lucky enough to be able to choose what we would like to review so we chose; the Matte Snow Foam, Rain Repellent, and the Wheel Cleaner. We were also sent 2 spray nozzles to use with the products.

Car washing products

Each of the products need self-mixing and using with a pressure washer or you can use a spray nozzle however the Matte Snow Foam really needs a pressure washer for it to be fully effective. The Rain Repellent and the Wheel Cleaner were fine with the spray nozzles provided. The Matte Snow Foam was great! It is a highly concentrated cleaner which produces a foam that clings to the dirt and grime on the car to break it down. Compared to other brands we use, it did this really well and the results were really nice. It lathered well, was really quick and easy to use, and once washed off, left a far better shine than anything else we have used before.


The Rain Repellent is designed to help repel rain from your windscreen therefore improving visibility. The product itself went on really well and didn’t smear at all. The process takes a bit of time as you clean your windows inside and out, apply the repellent inside and out, and then leave it to work for 24 hours. We have yet to test the repellent properly but due to our weather in the UK, no doubt we will be testing it out soon! The Rain Repellent also boasts being able to prevent the build-up of ice so this will be really useful in the winter.

Shiney Car!

The Wheel Cleaner was the star of the 3 products! You have to be really careful with strong wheel cleaners (apparently!) some are acidic and can damage your alloys even though they cut through the grease effectively. This Wheel Cleaner is non-acidic and specially designed to be used on alloys and wheel trims. It went on really well, cut through the grease quickly and you could see the difference straight away!

Dirty wheels vs clean wheels
Left side is how dirty the wheels were, right side is how effective the Wheel Cleaner is!

The products each have interesting designs which definitely make the stand out ‘on the shelf’. There is a large variety of products available on the BD Clean website so no doubt we will be ordering some more to try out. One difficulty Mario had was each bottle is secured with a plastic insert protector which you have to remove first. They were on so tight, he ended up spilling some of the contents as he opened the cap, however this wouldn’t stop us using them again. The Matte Snow Foam currently retails at £16.99, Rain Repellent at £9.99, and the Wheel Cleaner at £7.99 which makes them all really reasonable if you’re into your cars and want real quality products. Overall, we were really impressed with the clean each product gave and would be interested in some of the other products available.  A great set of products for those who want to keep their cars shiny and new-looking!

Very Clean Car!


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