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4 Essential Tips for Maintaining Tyres & Car’s In Lockdown

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Now our cars have become immobile – it is a golden opportunity to show the kind of love and care our vehicles truly deserve. Storing the car for a long period of time is going to cause a strain on your vehicle’s functionality and you do not want that especially when you have a family car. You can smartly utilise this time and look after your car in every possible way in order to keep it safe and road-worthy. If you live in Yorkshire Wakefield (or other parts), you will know that many local garages are also shut down and there’s not much help available. The responsibility shifts to you and if you neglect your car – it’s going to make things harder when you actually aim to take the car for a drive to do your groceries or other household chores. Follow these essential tips for maintaining tyres and helping your car stay in good health during the lockdown phase.

Essential Tips for Maintaining Tyres & Car’s

1- Charge up your battery by driving at least once per week

The way a battery works is – if you don’t charge it enough; it is going to discharge over time. Take your car out for a quick spin by driving it to a near by destination in order to keep the battery alive. This will ensure that the battery is recharged. You can also charge it up by using a trickle charger.

2- Lubrication of car parts

Idling your car is going to put a strain on your car parts. Excessive drying out can occur if parts are not well-lubricated. Taking your car out for a short interval of time is going to keep all fluids in check. Car brakes can dry out as they need fluid levels for proper operations.

3- Take a look at your car tyres

Prepare and inspect your tyres by cleaning them up with a damp sponge. You can use a good tyre dressing as well. There should be no tears and bumps on the surface. Early failure is caused if tyres are depreciated. However if you witness things like cracks and cuts Рit is an indicator for getting new tyres. Good news is Рthere are still a few local tyre providers in Wakefield Рoffering mobile tyre service. In order to buy tyres near Wakefield you could choose  Ossett Tyre House (01924271081) as their quick mobile service is pretty helpful.

4- Top off your fuel tank

Do not park your car with an empty fuel tank. You should top it up with fuel before you decide to park it for a long period of time. Fuel stabilisers are a good choice in order to slow down the early degradation of gasoline.
Ford Fiesta in blue
How are you maintaining your tyres and car at the moment?

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