Bear Cub Bakers Book and Creating Our Own Delicious Cupcakes!

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As a family we love baking and try and find time to bake once a week or so when we get chance. We often bake things that Mia can get involved in as she loves helping us doing the weighing, pouring and mixing so we normally create some tasty vanilla cupcakes we can all enjoy. As part of the Boolino Friends we are lucky enough to be sent some lovely books, our last one was The Great Farty Slob Beast which we really enjoyed and this month is the turn of The Bear Cub Bakers .

The Bear Cub Bakers is a lovely rhyming story written by Caroline Baxter and illustrated by Kathi Ember. Aimed at 2-5 year olds, the book echoes the TV show Great British Bake Off but for bears! The story is all about a baking competition where 6 bears take part in a weeks’ worth of baking lessons ready to be judged on their skills by Miss Besty Bear in the final task to win the Best Baker award!

The bears have to make sponges, pies, bread, cookies and then for the big finale, create a scrummy picnic! There is lots of fun throughout the story with lots of mistakes and mishaps along the way! Mia found it really funny when something was dropped or something didn’t turn out quite right as she knows it sometimes happens when we bake at home! She also loved the suspense of finding out who the weeks winner would be and was desperate to get to the last page and find out!

Bear Cub Bakers

We loved reading The Bear Cub Bakers story. Mia really enjoyed the rhyming verse and the fact that certain phrases are repeated at the end of each ‘day’, made the story even more enjoyable for Mia and once we had read the story through a couple of times, she started saying the phrases while reading along with me! The illustrations are lovely and detailed, with a lot of thought put into them. At the end of the story, there is a recipe page where you can create your very own cupcakes alongside the Bear Cub Bakers, which of course we did! Priced at £6.99, this book is well worth adding to your child’s book collection! You can also head over to Village Bakery to get all of your baking equipment. 

Bear Cub Bakers


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