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As most of my regular followers and readers will know, at the moment I’m a little bit (ok, a lot!) obsessed with weight loss and confidence building. It all started about a year ago when I was feeling really low and un-confident and I was approached to work with a weight loss brand to review their products. Fast forward to today and I have had amazing opportunities to review other brands and weight loss plans as well as wearable tech brands too. When Beets Blu, who I have worked with twice before, came to me to review their Beets Blu Smart Scales I knew I couldn’t turn the opportunity down!

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Beets Blu, founded in 2012 are specialists in mobile apps, fitness technology and electronics and they have launched their Bluetooth Smart Scale which fits in nicely with their current product range. The Smart Scale itself is really stylish and as soon as I opened the box up I knew it was going to be a high quality product. We just so happen to have a black/white theme in our bathroom so the scales look lovely in there! The scales are really easy to set up and just require you to pop the supplied batteries in, check the measurement units are set as you want them, step on them so the display shows, hop off and wait for the display to go off again and then off you go! They also need to be flat on the floor to be accurate but I doubt this is an issue for most people.

smart scale box

You can use the scales as they are however to get the most out of them and the data they give, you need to download the free App that goes with them. This again is really easy to use and setup with you just inputting a few basic pieces of information about yourself and then as long as you have the App open when you step directly on the scales silver strips, all of your information will then be recorded wirelessly via Bluetooth.

App setupsetup (1)

So on to the recorded data…. The Smart Scale monitors not only your weight but your fat percentage, BMI, body water and muscle mass. From the main screen you can see all of your data from not only the day but also for the last 7 days and 30 days in clear, understandable graphs. The graphs are really easy to interpret and are also colour coordinated. You have the option to view the minimum pieces of data you want to or all of the data which is handy if you specifically want certain types of data to hand. You can see straight away, really clearly how you weight has changed over set periods of time so it’s easy to track. The App also reads out your latest recorded data as its being recorded which is handy too however you can mute this if you don’t want to hear it!

App records

The Smart Scale stores unlimited data history and all of the information I need so I have found the scales so handy! I love the fact you can see and track your weight clearly and the fact it adds my data straight to the Apple Healthkit, which then links to MyFitnessPal and my FitBit so it just means I don’t have to worry about transferring data around; it’s all there for me already. What’s also great is that anyone in the household can use the same scales; they can even download the App onto their device and record their own data! Currently available for £49.95 with free delivery, the Beets Blu Smart Scales are well worth the money, I have found them extremely accurate compared to my regular electronic scales and I will be using these from now on! I love them!


Disclaimer: I was sent the scales in order to write this review however all opinions are honest and my own

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