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I think most of us would agree that when it comes to our phones, laptops and devices, we like to have a nice phone case/ipad skin on them not only to protect them from day-to-day knocks and bangs but also to make them unique from others. I love personalised gifts and I think some of the nicest personalised gifts are for your everyday devices. When CaseApp contacted me to see if I would like to review their products I was really excited to see what I could design and how it would look.

Custom Phone Case/iPad Skin

CaseApp allow you to create customised phone case/ipad skin for all of your devices, which you can either create on their website or use their pre-designed images. I decided to design an iPhone 6 case for myself and an iPad Mini skin for Mia as she currently has a plain black case on it. It’s really simple to create your case and skin, either upload your own image(s) or design straight onto the blank canvas:

1. Decide if you want to use an image and how many

2. Insert any text you fancy   

3. Choose your background colour

4. Choose any clip art

5. Preview and make any changes you wish, otherwise click ‘order’.

It really is that simple!

Caseapp instructions
iPhone Case designing!
ipad designing
iPad Skin designing!

Everything is really clearly laid out and there is plenty of opportunity to preview and change anything you want to. I found the options so easy to use and follow so there was no chance of any errors being made. When my case and skin arrived through the post I was really pleased with the quality of the images and how true to the pictures the products were! The case is so easy to clip onto my phone and is a perfect fit. The only thing I would say is that there is hardly any protection for the front of the phone as the case fits the back and sides only. This could mean that when dropped, the phone front may be exposed to breakages.

phone case

The iPad Mini skin comes on a flat sheet as a sticker and although easy to peel off, it does take a bit of practice to actually stick onto the device and took both Mario and I to position it and make sure the air bubbles were smoothed out before sticking down properly. However, once done the effect is amazing! The image quality of the photos I used is so good and looks perfect!

ipad skin

Overall, I’m so pleased with both the phone case/ipad skin from CaseApp! The ordering process is so easy and when the products arrived, they were good quality and exactly what I wanted. The cases are £19 and the skins £22 which I would definitely pay for myself again and absolutely perfect for a personalised gift!


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