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    Christmas Gadget Gift Guide 2016

    Welcome to my 4th and final Christmas Gift Guide of 2016! I am a lover of all things gadget and so wanted to add some of my favourite gadgets we have been sent over the last year to review, into my Gadget Gift Guide! For the ‘fitness fanatic’ The Moov Now activity tracker is a unique tracker that not only tracks your daily activities but also analyses and coaches you as you work out so that you can make sure your workouts are actually working for you! The tracker is also waterproof so can be used while you swim! One of the best Fitness Trackers I have ever used is…

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    Morse Toad Chocolate Card Review

    I love giving personalised gifts and every year I’m always on the search for the most unique gifts to give. I noticed that Morse Toad were looking for reviewers of their Chocolate Cards and I have to say I was so excited by the thought of them that it must have come across in my application and I was asked to do a review for them!

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    Women’s Christmas Gift Guide 2016

    Welcome to my Women’s Christmas Gift Guide, the 3rd in my series of Christmas Gift Guide this year! I really enjoy buying presents for people but I find women far easier to buy for than men! So here are some of the things we have been reviewing this year that I think would be great for my Women’s Christmas Gift Guide ! I have been really impressed with the scarves I have had from Lylia Rose. I have had 2 now plus a lovely purse that I use when I go out on nights out. With each purchase, a donation is made to The Grand Appeal which makes shopping there…

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    Eat Like a Maharajah at Nottingham’s Finest Indian Restaurant, Singh’s!

    Anyone who knows Nottingham knows that food and drink have really taken off here in recent months. This is also true for Indian restaurants, especially on Maid Marian Way which is fast becoming known as Nottingham’s Curry Corner! Nearby, just across the city’s Market Square sits Singh’s, an Indian Restaurant with a difference! Singh’s is a family owned and run business; Mr Singh runs the kitchen as Head Chef and his 2 sons Lakh and Keran are front of house and very much run and manage the service. Now I have previously visited Singhs’ with Mario about a year ago and although the food was amazing, we agreed that it…

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    Harley Street Hair Clinic – Luxury Hair Care Hamper Review

    Taking ‘time out’ for myself is a luxury these days; life, blogging and being a mum takes up a lot of my time and so any ‘me time’ has to be slotted into a small amount of time or grabbed in the 5 minutes I have to get ready in the mornings before the Preschool run!  So when I saw that the Harley Street Hair Clinic were looking for women to send out a Luxury Hair Care Hamper to try out, I was really excited to have a look at what they had to offer!


    Mens Christmas Gift Guide 2016

    Welcome to the 2nd of my Gift Guides this year! I always find men/boys harder to buy gifts for and Mario is no exception. He is relatively easy to please however I’m always looking for ‘different’ things to buy him that have taken a bit more effort and thought than the usual chocolate, Jack Daniels, socks, etc… So here are some of the things we have reviewed this year that have impressed me enough to get into my Mens Christmas Gift Guide 2016!

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    CADEN Waterproof Canvas Digital Camera Shoulder Bag Review

    I have been blogging ‘properly’ for over a year now and as it has taken off over the last 6 months, I find myself wondering about how I can make my blog better and create the kind of content I can use to build my blog up. For my 30th birthday this year, Mario bought me a proper camera so I can improve my photographs and therefore attract more brands for me to write for. I absolutely love the camera and have since been asked to a couple of blogging events that I have used my camera for. When I saw that reviewers were needed for a Digital Camera Shoulder…

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    Nim’s Fruit Crisps Review

    As a family we try to eat as healthily as possible and although both Mario and I have lost weight over the last few months, we are always looking for even more ways to keep eating healthily and where we can make changes. My snacking can be quite bad sometimes as I love chocolate (who doesn’t!) and so most of my snacks in the day tend to be a bit of choccy which I know isn’t ideal! When I saw that Nim’s were looking for people to try out their fruit crisps as an alternative daily snack, I put us forward to try them out!

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    One For All Wireless TV Headphones HP1030 Review

    We are always on the lookout for gadgets and as a family interested in technology, we like to know try out gadgets and tools aimed at making life that little bit simpler or simply to enhance our current lifestyle. We have previously tested the One For All Music Receiver which we absolutely love and use every single day so when we were asked if we wanted to try out another of their products, we decided to look at how their Wireless TV Headphones would change our television viewing at night.

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    Help Buying the Latest Fashions for the Man in your life

    I don’t buy clothes for Mario very often (except for the odd pack of socks!) as he, like most men, has his own idea about men’s fashions and clothes much in the same way as I wouldn’t expect him to go out and buy me clothes (although I’m sure he would do a good job as he’s surprisingly good at choosing my outfits on nights out!). He knows what he likes and the colours he enjoys wearing so when I want to actually buy him some new tops or maybe a pair of shoes, I have no idea what may be the latest men’s fashions let alone what he might actually wear!…

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    How To Eat Healthily Whilst At Work

    We all know it’s easier to eat healthily at home with a cupboard and fridge full of snacks to choose from and time to spend deciding what to have but what happens when you’re out and about, or even, at work? We can sometimes be super organised and get everything packed up the night before in a nice lunchbox ready for the next day but more often than not, this enthusiasm wavers after a few days and without meaning to, is given up on completely. Things get in the way, time gets away from us and we quickly and easily fall back into the bad ways of before. Once at…