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    4 Essential Gadgets for Time-Poor Parents

    As a new parent, you’ll often find yourself thinking that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. For most, any gadget that promises time-saving potential is welcomed with open arms. If you’re expecting a little one or if you are a parent simply looking to save some hours in the day, take a look at the must-have time saving, essential gadgets that you should invest in: A Toy storage bag Playtime is fun for both parents and children; it’s the perfect opportunity to see how your little one is developing and interacting with things around them. It’s not fun however, when it comes to cleaning…

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    Struggling with Back Pain in Pregnancy

    Since I was around 15 years old, I have had minor problems with my back. If I sit for too long or in the same place for too long, my lower back and pelvis seize up and it takes a bit of moving around for the feeling to come back properly. It’s something I have had investigated in the past but as I get older, is something I have just learned to live with a bit more. When I was pregnant with Mia, my back held up quite well and I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would do however it was still there and it’s something I…

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    We Took on the Ecover Laundry Challenge with Britmums!

    Laundry washing is a weekday chore in our house, like everyone else’s but since Mia’s been at school, I have found myself trying to catch up with all of her uniform washing, which means sometimes putting the washing machine on at the weekend too and so I’m worried about getting all of the laundry done each week! I have always used a wash powder and liquid conditioner (usually Tesco’s own as I have always found it really good) however when Mia was born I washed her clothes separately with Fairy sensitive liquid until she was just over 1. Now I don’t really mind doing the laundry as such however I…

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    5 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Next Family Car

    Passing my driving test was one of the most important achievements of my life so far and when the day finally came over 11 years ago now and at the age of 19, I don’t think I realised how much freedom was to come! Luckily my mum had saved her 15 year old Ford Fiesta for me and my sister to share (she passed her test not long after me) and so my first experience of a car was an old but very reliable one! When I moved out of my mum’s house at the age of 23, I had to buy my own car as my sister was sharing…

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    The Bear and the Piano Book Review

    We were recently contacted to see if we would like tickets to the Snowman Tour coming to various venues around the UK this December and of course we said yes! As big fans of The Snowman since childhood we can’t wait for Mia to experience watching the show and also have the experience of listening to a live orchestra perform ‘Walking in the Air’. (You can find out more about the Tour itself and about booking tickets.) As part of the evening, there is also going to be a showing of The Bear and the Piano and so I decided to buy the book so we could enjoy it together…

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    24 Week Bump Update

    Welcome to our 24 week bump update! Here’s week 20 in case you missed it! I can’t believe how fast it’s going and we are starting to plan the baby’s room and move bits and pieces around so it’s feeling a little bit more real now! I ended up going for an extra check-up this month as I had been feeling really stressed with Mia starting school and everything so I went to hear baby’s heartbeat and everything is perfect thankfully! 29th August: Just a quick update today as we have been for our 20 week scan today! I took mum, Lauren and Mia with me today as Mario works…

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    Mia’s 1st Week at School Update

    Well I can’t believe I’m writing this already as it seems only last week we were buying Mia’s new school uniform but we are now finished her 1st week at school! On the whole, she has coped really well with the massive change in everything and from the 1st day, has gone in more often than not without even saying goodbye! It’s been a huge relief for Mario and I, as I can’t imagine how difficult it is to leave your child screaming for you as some of the other parents are having to do. It hasn’t been without its trials as on Mia’s 1st full day she was put…

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    We are Heading Out to Watch The Snowman Tour This December!

    You may remember that last year we were kindly invited to Disney’s Frozen on Ice and it was the first time we had ever been to anything like that with Mia who absolutely loved the whole thing! We haven’t actually done anything like it since but we have been really lucky to get the opportunity to go and watch The Snowman Tour which is touring venues around the UK this December! The Snowman Tour I don’t think Raymond Briggs, The Snowman, needs much introduction as it has certainly been a childhood favourite of Mario’s and mine and is a film that has formed the basis of pretty much everyone’s Christmas’…

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    Facts! One for Every Day of the Year with Bloomsbury Publishing

    We love a good book in this house and luckily for us, Mia has taken on our love of books and has a really healthy collection of them now. She loves facts and is always asking us how things work, why things work and what things are (which can drive us mad after a while!) however she is like a sponge and astonishes us daily by remembering the most detailed of things! We were asked if we would like to look at a brand new facts book. ‘Facts! One for every day of the year’ is a book full of interesting and quirky facts with a twist. The unique feature…