Don’t Forget These Things From Your Wedding Checklist!

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Planning a wedding can be a breeze for some people, and the most stressful thing in the world for others! It can be an exciting and happy time in your life, and it can also be something you’re incredibly nervous about! But most of all, you know your wedding is going to be a big day, and you want everything to be perfect. 

This all goes to say that you can be a bit rushed off your feet when putting your wedding checklist together. And because of that, you can be a bit forgetful too! Which is why we’ve brought you this post; make sure you scribble in a place for the points below. 

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Back Up Catering Options

It’s a worst case scenario, but what are you going to do if your caterer pulls out at the last minute? Who are you going to call up next to serve food for the reception? And if you do manage to get a hold of another vendor, is it in your budget to pay for their last minute menu prices? 

Make some room in the budget in case of a situation like this. At a pinch you could ask a friend or family member to provide some items, or you can order in a takeaway, but make sure there’s also a professional company or two down as backup options. It’ll give you peace of mind for the walk down the aisle! 

Space on the Guest List

You’re going to have a few last minute RSPVs, as well as a few cancellations here and there, and that means you’re going to want to reserve a bit of space on your guest list. Maybe an old friend suddenly decides they want to come, or your mother in law comes down with the flu and can’t make it? You’re going to either need a free chair or someone to fill the newly-spare chair! 

Any good wedding planner would recommend keeping at least two seats spare during your celebration. A couple of free seats can give you peace of mind over how many loved ones will be able to make it, and even if there are a couple of gaps, they’ll at least be done on purpose! 

Last Minute Dress Alterations

What happens if the dress gets damaged in any way? What if you don’t quite fit into it on your big day because of the stress? And what if you decide you don’t like a certain element and need it changing at the last minute? 

Don’t worry – as long as you schedule for last minute dress alterations, and keep a sewing kit in your bridal bag at all times, this won’t be an issue. Make sure someone in your bridal party knows how to use a needle and thread as well! 

About to get married and stressing out over it? If you’ve got a wedding checklist to tick off, make sure the items above are on there for a great day!

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