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Farplace: The Animal Rehoming Game

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We love board games in our house as it’s a great way of spending some nice, fun family time together. As the kids have got older, we have been able to start playing games like Monopoly (various versions!) and Game Of Life so we are always on the lookout for new games coming to market. We heard about Farplace The Game via Blog On, a bloggers conference I have been to a few times now. We were asked if we would like to receive a copy of the brand-new game to play at home so of course we said yes!

Farplace Box

Farplace The Game is a family game designed and created by the Farplace Animal Rescue Charity (reg no 1126812) for 2 – 4 players, aged 8+. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign which I always find exciting! The aim of the game is to work your way around the board whilst collecting, rehoming, or releasing various animal cards with the help of action cards and movement points. There are two base game board sides so it means no two games are the same and you can choose from a 15 minute game per person, to a 30 minute game per person, which is great when you haven’t got a huge amount of time! The base game board is beautifully illustrated with eye catching colours and animal imagery.

Farplace Base Board

Each player begins with an animal (meeple) and each meeple moves differently on the board, for example, the dog is the only player that can move through the agility tunnels and the pigeon is the only player that can fly over and land on squares with houses on. Each player starts with 2 animal cards and 4 object action cards. On each players turn, you get to do 2 things out of 4 possible actions. You can pick an animal card, pick 2 object action cards, which are collected to use when rehoming or releasing the animals, cancel all the negative points on a red animal card, or rehome or release an animal. The object action cards contain things like Vet Check and Ongoing Care and the animal cards all need different actions and objects to be able to rehome or release them.


The idea is that by the end of the game, you have rehomed or released as many of your animal cards as possible, with the lowest movement points left on the animal cards. The winner is the person in the lead once a meeple has passed the finish line and the movement points have been actioned.

Overall, we enjoyed playing Farplace The Game, and it was certainly suitable for even Lottie (aged 5) to play with a little help. When we first read through the instructions, we were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information so I would suggest first-time players, play the game through reading the instructions as you go and you will soon pick it up. We had difficulty working out what the aim of the game was and how you work out the winner but once played, we are clear on the aims now. We loved the bright yellow board game box and base game boards as it really stands out on the shelf! There are also some expansion packs coming which means you can add boards (there is a horse game board and dinosaur game board coming soon) to Farplace The Game to change the game and keep the fun going! Available now for £25 from Farplace The Game. A lovely little board game!

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