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How To Save Money On Your Wedding

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The average cost of a wedding is currently over £16000 and every year the amount rises. But if you are planning on getting married, you may be looking at the prices of everything from venues to dresses and think that it is more than you can afford and more than you would want to spend.

If only there was a way to lower the price of your wedding… In this article, we’ll share some money-saving tips so that you can get married for considerably less. 

Prioritise The Things That Are Important 

First of all, before you start chopping money from your budget, work out where you will allow yourself to spend the most. There are some things that you shouldn’t cut corners on.

An example might be your wedding rings. You’ll hopefully get to wear these for life. You may want to spend a little bit more and get wedding rings that you’ll be happy to be still wearing in fifty or more years time. 

Your wedding photos are also important. Your wedding will last one day, and after that day all you’ll have are memories and wedding photos. A good set of wedding photos will help you really remember the day well. 

Finally, you may want to spend a bit more on your wedding dress. Take a look at this signature wedding dress collection for some inspiration. Often, brides will keep their wedding dress as a memento of the day. They’ll also want to look their best on their big day. 

Hire A Local Amateur Band 

To save money on your wedding entertainment, hire a local amateur band instead of a wedding band. They will cost you a fraction of the price and will no doubt still put on a great show. Go and see the band playing live and make sure they are good enough for your wedding guests. 

If you’re stuck for your first dance song, Lukeosaurus and Me have some inspiration for you!

Email Your Wedding Invites 

Sending out lots of wedding invites can be expensive. Firstly, you need to worry about buying or printing out the invites, then you’ll need to think about the cost of stamps. 

Many people these days will be happy to receive their invite via email. It saves you money, and it is a more environmentally friendly option. 

Make Your Own Wedding Decorations 

Wedding decorations may not be expensive, but by the time you have decorated the entire venue the cost will have really mounted up. Instead of buying pre-made decorations for your wedding, save yourself a lot of money and make them yourself from scratch. 

If you’re struggling to decide on a flower theme, Weddings & Wishes have some amazing bouquet theme ideas!

Have a Buffet Instead Of A Sit Down Meal

Another way that you could save yourself a lot of money is on the wedding reception meal. A traditional sit down wedding breakfast can cost a lot per head, whereas having a buffet will cost you a fraction of the price. 
Your guests will still enjoy the meal that they get and you will get to save a considerable amount from your budget.  

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