Easy Cleaning with the WISPsystem and MiniWISP


I have never been the type of person to get excited by the thought of cleaning the house! Don’t get me wrong, we are a really clean and tidy family and I can’t stand mess or dirt, with everything in its place but I really hate the thought of cleaning the whole house from top to bottom and only really do it properly once a week. I was contacted recently to see if we would like to try out a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind cleaning product, the WISPsystem and miniWISP. I of course said yes, as who turns down something that could potentially help them out!

WISPsystem and miniWISP

The WISPsystem and miniWISP is the invention of WISP Industries which is an American company founded in 2012. The design idea for the WISPsystem came from their first invention of a special hand brush with unique bristles to clear debris from the golf green and now they design products that have reinvented the way we clean.

The WISPsystem is a unique, specially designed broom and dustpan. The system consists of a 90 degree angled broom with bristle seal technology and a foot operated dustpan. The broom itself has a telescopic handle which extends from 29″ to 52″ and has electro-static bristles to attract debris, dust and hairs for quick, efficient cleaning. It is great for those with pets as it picks up hairs really easily, now we don’t have a pet but we do have a messy 4 year old!

The shape of the broom and the position of the bristles mean that it can get into the tightest of corners and the dustpan creates a smooth, clean attachment to the floor for easy collection. The broom and dustpan have been designed so that you can use them one handed, you don’t need to put much pressure on the broom for it to pick up dirt and with a gentle push-pull movement, the bristles can pick up debris, dust and hair with ease. In fact the less pressure applied to the broom the better as it’s very lightweight and doesn’t take a lot of hard work to clean the dustiest of floors!

WISPsystem and miniWISP

Available in blue, green, red and purple; the slim WISPsystem offers a faster, easier and more efficient way to clean. With no need to bend down at all, the fact it can be used one handed is a great draw. Even Mia can manage it! Great for any floor type and surface, it can also be used on carpets and once you have finished cleaning, the broom clips neatly into the dustpan and sits in the sleeve on your wall which means you can tidily store the whole system away together when not in use!

WISPsystem and miniWISP

As well as the WISPsystem, we were also sent the miniWISP, a smaller version perfect for smaller areas like the car or a piece of furniture. It makes cleaning smaller spaces so easy and as someone who loves a clean car but doesn’t have time to often clean it, it’s a great way to quickly give the car a clean without having to get the hoover out!

Now I don’t get excited about cleaning at all but I have to say that the WISPsystem (priced at £24.95) and the miniWISP (priced at £9.95) have made a huge difference in the time and effort I have to put into cleaning. The WISPsystem and miniWISP both clean so quickly and easily, I can’t help but be genuinely impressed by it and it is one of the best cleaning aids I have ever used! It will definitely get used in this house and I’m not sure what I would without it now!

WISPsystem and miniWISP

Disclaimer: we were sent the system in order to write this however all opinions and views are honest and our own

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