4 Bounty packs for new mums

Pregnancy Freebies You Need and Where to Find Them

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Have you ever wondered how to get those pregnancy freebies that everyone seems to have? First of all there are the various Bounty packs given to you at the different stages of pregnancy. I found these really useful as they contain a good amount of information and also plenty of free samples of things like stretch mark cream and moisturisers for mums to be.

Each pack has a voucher to collect the next one and you get your last one after baby arrives. Then if you ‘like’ a company such as cow and gate on Facebook and/or sign up to their website, you get information packs sent through the post with vouchers and later on you get sent food samples for your baby or toddler.  

I would definitely recommend signing up to as many companies as you can as they send you really good, age appropriate information and pregnancy freebies through and enable you to make an informed choice about baby products you want to use.

I would also recommend signing up to ‘baby/parenting clubs’ such as kiddicare, boots and various supermarkets as they send really good baby related information and vouchers out. We used kiddicare as our main shop for baby things before and after the birth of Mia and so the vouchers came in really handy to save a bit of money. Boots parenting club gives you money off baby toiletries automatically with your advantage card and you even get a free changing bag and mat which we used as a secondary changing bag for over a year.

Survey Form

Another thing that I have done for years but have found even more useful now I have Mia, is doing online surveys in exchange for vouchers or sometimes cash cheques. The main sites I use are Toluna and MySurveys. I probably do around 20 surveys a week when Mia’s either napping or in bed at night and I exchange the points I earn every few months for £5-£15 Amazon vouchers at a time (there is always something to buy on Amazon!).

I use the vouchers to help buy presents at Christmas time or to buy supplies for my business to help with running costs. If you have the  patience, YouGov give £50 cheques in exchange for your opinions on surveys however these take about 18 months to  earn but believe me, an extra fifty quid is always handy!

Have you ever had any fab pregnancy freebies?

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