EasySMX Children’s Headphones Review


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Mia seems to have sensitive ears and has done ever since she was born. She struggles with loud noises and busy places which can result in behaviour issues and Mia becoming quite ‘difficult’ when out and about. We bought her ear defenders a year or so ago and although they worked on bonfire night, she doesn’t find them particularly comfortable or easy to wear. When I was contacted by EasySMX to see if we would like to try out some children’s headphones, we were interested to see if they would help Mia when we are out.

children's headphones

EasySMX are a technology company, established in 2014, which create certified iPhone accessories, smart wearable’s, and other gadgets such as PC gaming headsets and fan regulators. We were sent some children’s headphones in pink for Mia to try out and the first thing she noticed was the box! The packaging is really attractive to children and Mia was really excited to open the box up and see what was inside!

Box Packaging


Designed for 3-12 year olds, these children’s headphones have an adjustable headband to suit various ages and head sizes. The fit is really good and will definitely fit Mia for a good few years which is brilliant! The headband bends and twists so they can be easily popped into a bag or in a pocket without the risk of breaking the actual headphones which again is brilliant as things like these need to be flexible and able to withstand the roughness of children!


Headphones and Box

The headphones themselves are designed to be volume limiting and also comfortable for children to wear. They are limited to 85dB volume so you can be assured they are protecting your child’s ears and hearing whilst retaining the high sound quality. The cushioned ear pads are comfortable and padded so they sit nicely on your child’s ears and Mia has worn them on one occasion for 30 minutes so they must suit her!

Cushioned pad

Putting the headphones on

The headphones plug straight into my iPad or iPhone and fits most devices with a standard headphones jack. The cable length is a healthy 1.6m so they are not too long that they dangle around everywhere but long enough to be comfortable for Mia. They have proved really useful to pop on Mia when we know there are going to be loud noises, not only for a distraction but also to limit outside noises. We also let her use them when she wants a bit of ‘quiet time’ to herself to watch her iPad. Mia loves the design of the headphones and is really proud that they are hers, we have no doubt she will be using them for a long while! They are currently available on Amazon for £9.99 with free delivery so are a great price too!

children's headphones

children's headphones

children's headphones

Disclaimer: we were sent a pair in order to write this review however all views and opinions are honest and our own.

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