Lottie eating her lunch from an orange Mini EasyMat. Suctioned to a wooden high chair tray

EasyTots Make Toddler Weaning Easy!

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Lottie has been eating solid food since she was around 4-5 months old. This is mainly due to the fact her formula wasn’t satisfying her and she was paying a lot of interest in the food we were all eating. One day she managed to grab some of my baguette I was trying to eat and just ate it all! She looked really pleased with herself and so we started the process of feeding her ‘proper’ food! However we are always looking for ways to make her toddler weaning easier.

Now Lottie is unstoppable, and we are really lucky that she will pretty much hoover up everything put in front of her. However soon we had a problem. Once Lottie realised that throwing and dropping her food was actually more fun than eating it, we were in trouble! Not only does she spend a lot of time throwing her food around, she also loves throwing her plates and bowls around and, on the floor, which can be really frustrating when you have lovingly prepared a meal for her!

I saw that EasyTots were looking for babies to test out their current best-selling weaning product and a brand new to the market product, so I signed us straight up! EasyTots have created a range of useful weaning aids for parents and within their range is the Mini Portable Suction Mat and the Marbellous Suction Bowl. Both designed to elevate the stress of babies throwing their meals on the floor!

Orange mat and grey bowl on top of peppa pig mat

The EasyTots Mini EasyMat is a portable baby suction plate and placemat. Designed to stay exactly where you put it and to fit most high chair trays perfectly. We currently have a wooden high chair and the Mini EasyMat is a great fit for the tray. Using the 4 suction cups, you can ensure the Mini EasyMat stays put and is very difficult for babies and toddlers to unstick whilst being easy for parents to take off.

Orange mat with Mini EasyMat pouch underneath

It comes in a little carry bag and has a lid to make outings with babies and toddlers a breeze! The lid means I can make up Lottie’s lunch before we leave, store it in the fridge and then feed Lottie while we are out. Once she is finished, I pop the lid on ready to clean it at home. The Mini EasyMat folds up in your changing bag without taking up much space which is amazing! We take it everywhere as we know we can use it wherever we are, and it certainly makes meal times easier.

Orange suction mat against white background

Lottie also loves the fact that she can feed herself from her own plate and doesn’t have to wait for one of us to pass her bits to avoid the whole plate being thrown on the floor! Dishwasher, microwave, freezer and even oven safe, the Mini EasyMat (£14.99) is one of the best things I have ever seen and used! We will be ordering at least 1 more for meal times!

Lottie eating her lunch from an orange Mini EasyMat. Suctioned to a wooden high chair tray

EasyTots have also just announced their brand-new product, the Marbellous Suction Bowl! An innovative bowl with an extra strong suction base. One of the main features of the bowl is its modern marble effect design and good-sized portion bowl as well as it being small enough to travel with. The Marbellous Bowl fits in with any stylish kitchen and could be used long after your child needs it!

Marble effect suction bowl against black background

The Marbellous Bowl suctions well (with a little wetting) to our wooden high chair tray and Lottie can’t knock it off or throw it on the floor, which is frustrating for her and us! It is best used on smooth surfaces and there may be reduced suction on wood surfaces.

The Marbellous Bowl makes it easier for toddlers to learn how to use their spoon and reduces the mess and spills that this can bring with it. Lottie is able to scoop up her pasta herself and get it into her mouth without it dropping down the sides of normal toddler bowls.

Grey marble effect bowl against black background

Dishwasher safe, non-stainable, durable and unbreakable, the Marbellous Bowl (£13.99) is the perfect way to feed your child and teach them that keeping their food on the table is far more fun than throwing it on the floor!

Lottie eating pasta from her grey marble effect bowl

We have been really impressed with both the EasyTots Mini EasyMat and the Marbellous Bowl. The well-designed Mat and Bowl have really made a difference to my day and made toddler weaning much easier! Lottie’s meal times are far more fun for all of us and we can see how she is more settled than ever when eating. She can feed herself, create less mess and we can be sure that she can’t accidentally knock her plate or bowl off the tray! Winning!

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