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Eco-Friendly BBQ-ing with White Horse Energy

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We are definitely a BBQ family! We BBQ whatever the weather with our large outside BBQ and smoker. We have it set up ready to go at all times and it doesn’t matter whether it’s chucking it down, Mario will be out there cooking up a storm! He has been refining his skills over the last few years but one of the things we have been recently ‘uping our game’ on is how we light the actual BBQ and the different types of wood we use. We also recently bought a clay chiminea which we can’t wait to use! If you’re looking for some beautiful cocktails to go with your BBQ check out my Hayman’s Gin cocktails!

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White Horse Energy are the UK’s largest supplies of firewood and briquettes and were kind enough to send us some of their products to try out! They are a domestic biomass energy supplier which I must admit, I wasn’t 100% sure what they were at first! After mentioning them to Mario, he said we need to try them out with our BBQ! White Horse Energy deliver wood pellets, kiln dried firewood and wood briquettes throughout the UK so I thought I would show you what they sent us! There’s also a discount code at the end for you to use on your first order!

First up was the Eco Blaze Natural Firelighters. £15 for 200. They are natural, clean, and odourless shredded fir that is dipped in wax. They are also fast igniting and burn fiercely for about 8 minutes. These are suitable for ovens stoves, flame, wood, barbecues, and fireplaces.

Box of natural firelighters

Then there was the Eco Blaze Kiln Dried Kindling. £5 a box. These are created from high quality kiln dried offcuts and lights as fast and burns hotter. Used with the firelighters to create the perfect combination.

Then there was the Eco Blaze RUF Wood Briquettes. £5.50 a box. These are made of the finest birch logs and can be used in your stove, pizza oven, wood-fired hot tub, wood burner, campfire or chiminea. These logs are kept in the kiln for an extra day so its moisture content in 20% or less, meaning the wood will burn effectively releasing less smoke into the air. When we used this on the BBQ, there was significantly less smoke than we would normally find!


Then there was the Eco Blaze Pini-Kay Briquettes. £5.95 a box. These are fierce burning, long lasting and eco-friendly. Perfect for your stove, firepit or chiminea. The manufacturing of these briquettes from recycled wood means that these are a carbon neutral option. The hole in the middle is for air circulation and the hexagonal shape increases surface area for a more efficient burn.

Finally, we have the Eco Blaze Boxed Kiln Dried Firewood. £5.75 a box. These are ideal for smaller stoves, wood burners, firepits and chimineas. These again are eco-friendly and provide a clean burn, meaning they are a carbon neutral option. The recycled wood is compressed into a stackable brick shape and dried to a moisture content of less than 12% which creates a longer lasting burn.

Freshly cut or unseasoned wet wood contributes significantly to high levels of particulate emissions leading to issues around poor air quality. However, burning dry wood has significant and demonstrable benefits in greatly reducing emissions. All of White Horse Energy is one of the earliest adopters of the Woodsure Ready To Burn initiative. This is a government backed scheme, which means that the firewood is suitable for immediate use. This scheme ensures that the wood provided has a moisture content of <20%.

BBQ and Smoker

If you’re not sure how to store your products appropriately, White Horse Energy have some great tips on how to keep everything safely. Briquettes and heat logs should be stored indoors in dry conditions. If kept in the garage they should be stored off the floor. The firewood also needs to be kept in the dry and definitely out of the rain! We have been really impressed with White Horse Energy and Mario is already looking at the next order we will be putting in! We found that all the products we were sent were really easy to store, stack and handle. They were also easy to clear up (my only downside of using a BBQ!) as they have minimal ash content. So, it’s a win-win situation!


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White Horse Energy have very kindly given me a code for you to use to get 5% off your first order! Just pop in the code ‘beccafarrelly’ into the checkout!

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