Tired of Your Child’s Artwork Cluttering the House? Try The Big Art Cloud!

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We all know what it’s like when your child brings home their art work from Preschool, Nursery or School; one of our first reactions (obviously after praising them on what a fantastic piece of work it it!) is where on earth we are going to display their latest creation!

Mia loves to put her artwork on the fridge however the fridge soon fills up and I don’t know about you but I’m then always knocking them off, much to Mia’s annoyance. I have kept every single piece of Mia’s art work (ok, ok, most of Mia’s work!) since she started Preschool and then school but it wasn’t until we moved house that I realised just how much art work we had stored away!

I never know what to do with it and after both Mario and I have seen the pieces, they get put away on top of Mia’s wardrobe and subsequently forgotten about forever. That is where Big Art Cloud (the people behind Amazing Pages) comes in!

The people behind Big Art Cloud have created a brand new service for parents to get around all of the hassle of holding onto years’ worth of your children’s art work. They have come up with an original concept that allows you to hold onto all of those precious pieces without having to store them individually or throw them away after a few years.

They send you a box big enough for either 20 or 30 pieces of art work, you send it off to them using the pre-paid postage labels and they create a beautiful online gallery of all of the pieces for you! They can take most art work created on flat paper or thin card. All you need to do is make sure that its dry and all elements are stuck down firmly as we know how much children love cutting and sticking!

Big Art Cloud

Once the box has been received (all boxes are tracked through Royal Mail), the art work is then scanned in using professional planetary scanners which converts them into high quality digital files that are then transferred to each child’s individual online gallery (only you have access to this).

Galleries can be viewed on any computer or device and the images can be labelled, grouped into collections, shared on social media and shared with family and friends. This is really handy if family live further away as they can enjoy your child’s art work still.

Big Art Cloud then store the art work in their secure storage facility or can even return it back to you however once you see how lovely the online gallery is, you won’t want the pieces returned to you! You can get a feel for what the gallery looks like by heading over to the Demo Gallery.

Big Art Cloud

As well as viewing your child’s art work online, Big Art Cloud can create some beautiful products to display their art work on. They can create wonderful art books, collage prints, canvasses, tote bags and even t-shirts all filled with your child’s art work!

We were sent a hardcover A4 art book full of Mia’s art work and I have to say, we were really impressed with the quality, look and feel of the book. It is something we will definitely think about doing each year with Mia’s special art pieces as it makes a lovely keepsake. You can even create a one-off art book or collage which is perfect for presents and special occasions.

A subscription to the Big Art Cloud costs £9.99 a month for 20 art pieces or £11.99 a month for 30 art pieces and with subscription plans available for 2 or 3 children, with tailor-made subscriptions too, this way of storing art work is really the way forward!

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