Ekster Smart Wallet in brown leather

Ekster: The Smartest Wallet Around!

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We have all been there; you’re running around packing your bag up, getting the kids in the car and remembering to lock up after yourself when you suddenly realise you haven’t got your wallet and you’re not actually sure when you last had your hands on it! It can be really stressful and can take up precious time searching for it when you just don’t have the time! You might need the smartest wallet around!

We have previously tried out the TrackR which we really liked (and it’s still attached to my handbag!) however technology has moved on a lot since its release so when I was approached by another brand for a different tracker product, we were eager to see how it worked!

Ekster Cover Image

Ekster have created a beautiful, stylish range of wallets that look modern as well as being practical. Most normal wallets have no security built into them and once you have misplaced them, they stay lost! Ekster have developed an efficient and secure way to carry your money and cards without the worry of it being lost or your data stolen.

The Parliament Wallet

The Ekster smart wallet is, I have to say, really cool! We were given the Parliament wallet and a Tracker for Mario and he absolutely loved it as soon as he saw it! The wallet itself is a modern mix of sophistication and practicality. With a brown genuine leather finish which ages beautifully, the bi-fold Ekster Parliament wallet is minimalist, slim and super sleek.

Ekster Parliament brown leather wallet and black box

The wallet itself holds notes in a multi-purpose strap and 10+ cards. One of the best features is the card slider which holds up to 6 cards neatly and pops them up in a staggered way when you press the trigger. A fast and simple way to get to your most-used cards when you need them without fumbling around looking for the card you need!

Ekster Smart Wallet in brown leather

The wallet also has RFID/NFS protecting technology, which can help protect your cards from wireless skimming and private data theft. This is really useful if you’re worried about your data being stolen in new ever-changing ways. You can now go about your day, protected by your wallet.

Tracking Card

You can now make your wallet smart by adding the Ekster ultra-slim tracker card. New solar-powered tracking technology means that you can stay connected to your smart phone and locate and ring your wallet at any time! You can get an exact location of your wallet within seconds and even get directions to where it is located!

Brown leather wallet with black slim tracking card

The Tracker itself, once solar charged for 3 hours, lasts 2 full months so you literally don’t need to worry about it! It doesn’t even have to be in direct sunlight for a sufficient charge. It can be voice-activated using Siri, Alexa or Google so I can now shout “Hey Google, where’s Mario’s wallet?” and Google will find and show me the wallets location (and Mario’s!).

Mario loves his Ekster wallet and it really is the smartest wallet around. From the innovative and stylish look of the wallet itself to the practical features of the card slider, makes this wallet so useful! It looks high quality, fits in the slimmest of pockets and means that Mario’s money is always safe with the Tracker inside. He is prone to misplacing wallets and keys so it’s great to know that his money is safe in the smartest wallet around!

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