Soothe Teething Troubles

Soothe Sleeping Troubles with a Slumber Buddy Bunny

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When Lottie hit the teething phase we really felt it! Whilst I don’t remember Mia struggling with it too much, Lottie certainly did. Which means we did too! She has been really good at sleeping though, just like Mia, and has slept through since she was about 8 weeks old however teething had a huge impact on her sleep and it carried on for 2 years! It can be hard to know how to soothe sleeping troubles can’t it?!

Soothe Teething Troubles

On average, Lottie woke about twice a night and just would not go back to sleep. On a normal night, she would be easily soothed but there was a run of 5 nights straight regularly where she was up ALL night! We were shattered! We had run out of ideas with what to do with her when we were sent a Slumber Buddy to review.

The Summer Infant Slumber Buddy Deluxe Bunny is one of a cute little range of musical and light-up buddies for babies and young children. The idea behind them is that babies can be soothed by the music and relaxed by the light displays.

Soothe Teething Troubles

The lights can be set to red, green, blue or to cycle through all three and create a lovely star and moon light display on Lottie’s nursery wall and ceiling. She was mesmerised by them and we often used them to calm her when it wasn’t bed time, as a distraction!

Soothe Teething Troubles

The sounds include 5 nursery rhymes and some nature sounds that can be played in 3 different volume settings. For us the volume doesn’t go quite low enough, so Lottie always preferred the nature sounds as opposed to the nursery rhymes.

Soothe Teething Troubles

We have heard Slumber Buddy activate during the night and we haven’t had to go into Lottie’s room which is brilliant as she is learning to soothe herself without us helping her. What we really like is the fact it can also be set to cry activate and will come on when Lottie cry’s or makes a certain level of noise. The cry activation uses the last setting you had on and although we haven’t been able to get it to do this, I think it’s more user error than anything else! It can also be set on a timer of 15, 30, 45 minutes so you don’t have to go and switch it off once Lottie is asleep.

Soothe Teething Troubles

We think the Summer Infant Slumber Buddy Deluxe Bunny is really useful not only for helping to soothe Lottie at nighttime but also as a short distraction in the daytime and a cuddly toy for her to play with. For £24.99, it’s well worth it and I’m sure we will get lots of use out of it for the next year or so!

How do you Soothe Sleeping Troubles with your little ones?

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