Rows of pink shutters in a self-storage unit

Self-Storage: For Every Modern Family!

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Any modern family with children knows how much they come with! Even as tiny little babies they need clothes, blankets, bibs, nappy’s, toys, the list is endless. Not to mention the changing bags, cots, Moses baskets and bouncy chairs! When we had Mia just over 10 years ago, we were living in a 3 bedroomed semi-detached house and had plenty of room for everything the 3 of us needed. Mia had a decent sized bedroom and most of her stuff stayed in there. As she approached 3 years old, we started to notice that we were drowning under a sea of toys downstairs and as she was too little to play up in her room yet, we realised we probably needed to think about a bigger house.

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We moved to a bigger house just as Mia turned 4 as we wanted her to go to a specific primary school. We were pretty organised and very lucky that we could do this so that when we had Lottie 20 months later, we had kept most of Mia’s things and didn’t have to buy much at all! As the 2 girls are getting older space is becoming more of an issue and we can see that when they are much older, we will again run out of storage for all of their things!

We have a loft in this house (in the previous house, our bedroom was in the loft space!) so this means that things we don’t use a lot like Christmas decorations and the baby things we are keeping hold of for now, can be popped up there and kept out of the way. However, we do have issues with the loft in that very little of it is actually boarded and the extremes in temperature that we have up there means that we have to make sure everything is packed away properly and securely to protect from damp issues. We learnt the hard way the first year we were here! This isn’t ideal and what do you do if you haven’t got the storage space?

One idea for modern families is to use a self-storage unit like the Shurgard Self-Storage Putney. These types of buildings offer many different sized units for any size family. If you have lots of items that you need to store but not use that often, like the Christmas decs, a self-storage unit could be the perfect answer. Accessible whenever you need them, safe, secure and most importantly for us, watertight, a self-storage unit could offer the extra bit of space you as a modern family are so greatly in need of!

Rows of pink shutters in a self-storage unit

It’s easy to get started with their storage calculator and virtual tour video. You can see how a self-storage unit could help you and your family store the things you want to keep for the future. No more falling over boxes of keepsakes or piles of clothes falling out at you when you open the wardrobe door! Hello to more room for your children to play and less stress when you can’t find something under piles of things you just don’t need!

I think self-storage units really are the useful way to store things you don’t use every day. As well as the fact you don’t have to worry about modern houses with little storage or damp lofts. Now you can protect, organise, and store your things easily and safely like every modern family!

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