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Mia’s Started Pre-School, Growing Up Too Fast!

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As a lot of you will know, I’m a full-time stay at home mummy to Mia and I love it but this doesn’t mean that I always love it! Sometimes Mia gets fed up with me…sometimes I get fed up with Mia…sometimes we both need half an hour apart from each other, before one of us goes mad! Needless to say, once Mia was approaching 2 ½ we decided it would be great if we could get her into the local Pre-School for a few hours a week. I was really worried about it, not only because I’m used to having Mia with me all the time, wherever I’ am and whatever I’m doing but we also weren’t sure how she would take to being away from me either. We love doing things together but it was time for her to do her own thing! Mia’s Started Pre-School!

She is a very confident, socially aware child who loves nothing more than talking to other adults about her day and making them laugh but as an only child, she spends no time with other children so we’re a bit anxious as to how she would get on with them. We picked Mia’s Pre-School as although it isn’t a feeder to the Primary School we want her to go to, a lot of children who attend there do go to the school of the same name. Also, my mum worked there for many years so I have grown up with all of the staff and felt really comfortable with the thought of Mia being looked after by adults with grown up children themselves. So… Mia’s Started Pre-School!

For the few months before Mia started, I took her to the Pre-School’s 18 month club once a week which was great as Mia got to know the room and more importantly, some of the staff. It meant she got all of the experience of Pre-School but with me there, making it really comfortable for her. She also got the chance to strike up a good relationship with one of the staff who has now become her key-worker which is great! We talked about Pre-School at home for the couple of weeks before Mia started so that she knew what was happening and kept reinforcing the fact that she was going to go and ‘play with the children’ and that ‘mummy would come and pick her up later’ and it seemed to work as she seemed to understand what was going to happen.

So the day came at the start of November when Mia was starting Pre-School and to be honest I worked myself up so much about it that I kind of forgot that she would be experiencing something really new and different herself! By the time I got to the door, my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking but the staff made me feel really at ease and we had already talked about me staying with her for the first few sessions. I went completely prepared to stay with her for the full 3 hours and the next couple of sessions. She was a bit overwhelmed a first and wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do.

At the 18 month club she had been used to going in and getting straight to the playing but with Pre-School they all had to sit down together on the mat. Mia refused so I just sat down near the other children and the staff and let Mia explore the room a bit. I was under no pressure to get her to sit down and there was no issue. Every time Mia came to show me a toy, I just kept telling her it was time to sit with the others and I was amazed when after 10 minutes, I said to her I was going to go and come back later, she turned to me and said “bye mummy” and went to sit down. Walking out of that room was a bit surreal, in fact I sat in the car for 30 minutes thinking any minute, someone’s going to come running down the path to get me because Mia was inconsolable! It didn’t happen so I drove (slowly) to the nearby town centre; eager to not be too far away in case my phone rang. It didn’t so I ended up going home 20 minutes away.

Mia's Started Pre-School

3 hours later I went back to pick Mia up and I was so anxious to find out how she had got on. Stood in the doorway waiting for Mia’s name to be called seemed to take an age but she came running out so excited with a massive smile on her face! I hate to admit it but I nearly burst out crying, I did everything to keep it in. Mia absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to go back the next day! We haven’t looked back since, she goes every Monday and Tuesday afternoons at the moment and I have never had a problem leaving her, she isn’t bothered in the slightest and she loves every minute of it. We are so proud of her! Mia loves playing with other children which is great as she doesn’t normally get to do that and she also gets to play with a range of different toys that we aren’t able to give her at home. It gives me a well-deserved break, I can get jobs done, go food shopping and do things I just can’t do with Mia in tow.

To top it all off, she took part in the Pre-School Christmas Concert, she has never done anything like it before and never been on stage so we weren’t sure if she would even get up and sit with the other children, well how wrong were we?! She ended up stood right in the middle of the stage at the front, singing and dancing away, I have never been so proud in my life!

I’m so glad we applied for Mia’s place at Pre-School as we very nearly didn’t. When she turns 3 in May she will most likely be offered another afternoon or morning and we are going to take it, she’s thriving in that environment and becoming such a lovely little girl #veryproudmummy

So that’s it…Mia’s Started Pre-School!



  • Tori Gabriel

    Awwww, it sounds like it was a lot harder on you than it was on her. I keep thinking we need to find a preschool for our Threenager but it’ll be really hard. Our options are limited as I don’t drive. Great post. Glad she loves it. #justanotherlinky

    • mummydaddymia

      Thanks! It definitely was harder on me than Mia! She is due to go 4 mornings a week from September and she cant wait! It gears them up for school but its tricky if you don’t drive 🙂

  • Davina

    I remember being so nervous when O started the September after he turned 2. I cried the first time I left him. I felt like I’d abandoned him! We had a wobbly few months where he would cry when we left, but he always came out talking about what an amazing time he’d had. He’s four now and starting school in September, so I guess we will have it all to go through again! It sounds like Mia is a really brave little girl. I hope she continues to love pre-school :). #KCACOLS

    • mummydaddymia

      Thank you!! I also felt like I had abandoned Mia as she had never been left anywhere and I had rarely spent time away from her! Good luck in September, I’m already dreading it and we aren’t until next year! 🙂

  • Allyson Greene

    I remember when my kiddos started preschool. Delaney just graduated and next year she will be at school for kindergarten full time and I am a nervous wreck all over again! But, they always do so well and we are the ones who are a mess! #KCACOLS

    • mummydaddymia

      Aww bless! Yes your right, its always the way isn’t it?! They cope fine and we are the ones worrying and blubbing in the car on the way home!! 🙂

  • Savannah

    What a fab post! I’m so glad she transitioned over so well-sometimes I think it’s harder for us as parents! But, I’ll bet she’s learning lots of new things, and you are enjoying some time to yourself <3 #KCACOLS

    • mummydaddymia

      Thank you! It is definitely harder for us parents, Mia isn’t bothered at all! She is loving playing with other children and gets far more stimulation than I can keep up with! 🙂

  • Sara

    SO hard to leave them for the first time. Great that Mia got on well 🙂 It is often harder for us parents! I hope she continues to enjoy it. #KCACOLS

    • mummydaddymia

      Absolutely! I occasionally get a strange feeling when I leave her there and that’s silly as she doesn’t even say goodbye to me now, shes too busy looking for her friends! 🙂

  • Yummyblogger

    Ah lovely post and glad it all went so well! Love that they did a Christmas concert 🙂
    W is 2’and is with a childminder while I’m in work, need to think about pre-school but I think we’re going to move soon…

    • mummydaddymia

      Yes its difficult isn’t it! We are moving this year but we put Mia in the Preschool near to where we are moving to for that exact reason. Its great to keep them in familiar places if you can 🙂

  • Sarah

    That is awesome that it went so well! I was thinking recently about doing 3 year old preschool next year to help get my toddler used to other kids and give my aunt a break. I’ve been struggling with the idea as you never know how these things are going to go. So it’s a relief to hear it working for others. Thanks for sharing. #KCACOLS

    • mummydaddymia

      Oh that’s good! I would recommend it especially if like Mia, they are an only-child as Mia didn’t really see any other children before she started Preschool! Its lovely to get a couple of hours to get jobs done or nip to the shops! 🙂

  • Emma

    Oh this is fantastic and really reassuring as my Youngest starts pre-school in September. I think that it is great that they had a preschool club there that you were able to attend before Mia actually started nursery. It must have really helped with her feeling settled. Thanks for linking up with us at #KCACOLS and we hope to see you next week 🙂 x

    • mummydaddymia

      Aww yes it was fab as we have had no problems with her going since she started and I know that’s quite rare! It such a massive thing for them but more us and I’m dreading her starting school next year!! 🙂

  • yvette morgan

    Pre school does them good, teaches them to be independent, and the break is nice too x

  • Kerry-Ann

    How super that Mia has settled into ‘school’ life so easily. It can be an anxious time, probably more so for the parents though, lol. It’s great to see them become their own little people and to realise how much they can actually do on their own. Well done for taking the plunge – lovely post!

    • mummydaddymia

      Absolutely! I’m so amazed at how great shes been going off to preschool and also a bit sad that shes growing up so fast! 🙂

  • jenny

    Oh sounds like she is doing great hunny and it’s good for the both of you. What a lovely post.Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • mummydaddymia

      Thank you! Its great as we are both getting chance to miss each other a bit and Mia’s so excited when I pick her up 🙂

  • Ali

    Ah how great that she took to it so well! I remember leaving my eldest two for the first time and it’s just horrible but they do thrive with a little bit of social time and it is good for us mummies to have a little break too!

    • mummydaddymia

      Oh, I no it seemed so cruel at first but she’s loving it and finding as an only child, she has lots of friends to play with now! 🙂

  • Jaime Oliver

    aww honey i so hear you on this, we were the same with Joshua and he thrived too!

    Here is hoping she takes to the extra afternoon soon lovely

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  • Silly Mummy

    Aww sounds like she’s having a great time! We took our eldest to look at the nursery school at the local infants yesterday actually! She wouldn’t be starting until September, when she’s eligible for funding, so it will be a year of school prep before she starts Reception really. She absolutely loved her visit! Of course it won’t actually give me any free time as we went and had another one a year after the first! 😉 #sharewithme

    • mummydaddymia

      Aww I’m glad your daughter enjoyed her visit! It makes it so much easier if they are ok going. We just have Mia at the moment so I’m loving time on my own but I’m aware that will change if we have another! 🙂

  • Life as Mum

    So glad she liked it.
    It is really scary leaving them isn’t it. It’s really good for both of you x

  • jeremy@thirstydaddy

    I’m not looking forward to full day kindergarten next year, but those few hours pf preschool every afternoon are really looked forward to…by her and me

  • Sarah - Craft Invaders

    I totally remember what its like leaving them the first time – I cried all the way home! I really believe kids get so much out of preschool and nursery and it really helps them when they move on to school. I’m glad she settled in so well 🙂

    • mummydaddymia

      Aww thank you! Shes been fab and i’m feeling a lot better about leaving her. At first I felt guilty as i’m at home with her all day and struggled to realise its actually a good thing for both of us when she goes for the afternoon 🙂

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