Bemama: Helping To Get Back to ‘Me’ After Childbirth

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Anyone who has had a baby will know how difficult it is in those first few months let alone years, to have some ‘me time’ and feel at least a little bit normal again! Since having Lottie, I have struggled massively with not feeling myself and not having time to do anything for me with 2 children now wanting my attention 24/7! It took me around 3 months to realise I needed to change my daily routine and add in some time for me to look after my skin morning and evening. I now make sure I cleanse and moisturise each morning before I go to bed as well as use moisturiser on my body after every shower. I have started to get people noticing that I look healthier and a bit more ‘with it’!

Bemama got in touch to see if I would like to try out some of their #BackToMe products aimed at helping pregnant and new mums look after their skin and to help combat the sometimes-negative effects pregnancy has on their bodies and to help in getting back to ‘me’!

Getting back to ‘me’

Bemama have created a range of skincare products specifically designed to take care of women’s beauty regimes not only during pregnancy but also after childbirth. Rich in natural ingredients and selected raw materials, they claim to guarantee an effective regime without the use of substances that increase the risk of allergic reactions. I was able to try out 3 of their main products currently available in Boots; the Ultra Intensive Flat Tummy Cream, the Intensive Body Cream and the Lifting Serum for Breasts and Arms.

Getting back to ‘me’

Intensive Body Cream

The first product I tried out was the Intensive Body Cream with coffee extract and Karite butter. Now I’m not a huge fan of moisturisers and I don’t really like anything on my skin, so this was the first product I wanted to try out! The moisturiser feels initially quite thick and I was worried about how it would actually go onto my skin however once I started to moisturise my legs with it, although it took a bit of rubbing it, it did go on feeling nice and smooth.

It has a rapid drying formula and it did dry quickly (one of my biggest moisturiser bug-bears is that they take ages to dry!) and my legs weren’t left feeling sticky at all so I could dress quite soon after application. My legs definitely didn’t feel dry and I have been putting slightly more on dryer areas such as knees and elbows since. Currently priced at £17.99, slightly more expensive than I perhaps would spend, however the tube will last for a long while. One thing I would say is that the packaging states you will feel a slight tingling sensation during its action and I didn’t really feel anything.

Ultra Intensive Flat Tummy Cream

After having 2 children my tummy is slightly less flat than it used to be so when I saw that Bemama do an Ultra Intensive Flat Tummy Cream, I was intrigued to see if it would make any difference! The cream has Vitamin E, Horse Chestnut and Coffee Seeds Oil and aims to tone, firm and sculpt the tummy area. Although I didn’t see any significant effects, I only used the cream once a day and it is recommended that you use it twice so for £17.99 I would be more than happy to give it a go for longer!

Lifting Serum for Breast and Arms

Finally, I tried the Lifting Serum for Breast and Arms. I’m always a little sceptical when I see products like this as I’m not sure they actually make a huge difference however I was more than willing to try! The serum doesn’t feel much different than a cream as it’s a bit thicker than I would imagine a serum to be but it’s really pleasant and easy to apply. Fragrance free, it is suitable for sensitive skin and those who are maybe still breastfeeding. My skin was left feeling really smooth and I will definitely be using this to see what effect is has on my skin over time. Again for £17.99 I will be happy to use this serum daily.

Getting back to ‘me’

Getting back to ‘me’

I have really enjoyed trying out the Bemama range of pregnancy and new mummy products. The balance of subtle creams and serums make the perfect addition to a great skincare range and I’m looking forward to continuing my use of them to see what effects they have on my skin. It’s really important for me as a new mum, with all those hormones flying around, to make sure I do what I can to look after my body and my health and adding these products to my routine will help to do just that! I can now start to concentrate on getting back to ‘me’!

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