Mia’s Doggy Books Review

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Mia loves animals, she always has done but recently she talks a lot about dogs and is actually obsessed with pugs at the moment! I’m not sure who’s going to tell her I’m really allergic to animals and there’s no chance in hell we are getting a pet?! Anyway we were sent some lovely brand new stories a few weeks ago all about doggy’s and its safe to say Mia was really excited to read them that bedtime! She loves any books to do with animals and they always go down well at bedtimes. Troika Books sent us their new books and we couldn’t wait to get started with the Doggy Books!

Doggy Book

The first book we were sent was the Haruki Murakami inspired ‘What I Think About When I Think About…Running’ by Eleanor Levenson and Katie O’Hagan. Part of a collection of similar stories, this one is all about dogs. We all wonder what our animals are thinking about and I’m sure many dog owners are dying to know what their dogs are thinking throughout the day and this book gives us a comical insight into the minds of dogs! With lovely bold illustrations, it’s definitely been a recent favourite of Mia’s and she has really enjoyed turning each page to see what the doggy is thinking about next! A lovely story for even the youngest of children.

Doggy Books

The second book we were sent was ‘Dog On Wheels’ written and illustrated by Gillian McClure. This lovely rhyming story is about 2 dogs; Dubbin and Todd who go off on an exciting adventure, on nothing other than a skateboard! Mia thinks this book is hilarious, it is fast paced, exciting and full of fun! The illustrations are really interesting as they have been done in watercolour with rock crystals creating a lovely grainy effect that really captures the details in the pictures. With such a lively story and the use of rhyming verse, this is a great bedtime read for children of any age.

Both books are available now to buy both priced at £6.99 from Troika Books and are lovely stories for younger children. Mia loves books about animals and especially books about dogs so she has really enjoyed me reading her these stories over the past few weeks. Rhyming books are really great for bedtime as they tend to create that soft, lullaby atmosphere and they are books that we choose time and time again.

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