Lottie dressed as Mrs Claus

Lottie’s 1st Birthday Celebrations and 1st Christmas!

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I can’t believe a year has passed since Lottie arrived on the planet! I keep checking with myself to make sure I haven’t got it wrong and she isn’t 1 yet?! It seems only 5 minutes since she was born yet at the same time, feels like she has always been here with her big sister! It’s crazy to think we are celebrating Lottie’s 1st birthday!

Last month we celebrated Lottie’s 1st Christmas and although she was 6 months older than Mia was at her 1st Christmas, she still had no clue what was going on! On Christmas morning, she was more than happy to sit and watch Mia open her presents and play with all the packaging!

Lottie and Mia sat back to back opening presents wrapped in red paper

We didn’t really get anything for Lottie apart from a couple of bath toys as she didn’t really need anything. We were lucky enough to keep literally everything for Mia’s since birth, so we had very little to buy when Lottie was born. We also asked family to give money to pop into her savings account for when she’s older as they all know we aren’t huge fans of lots of toys and things (thankfully they respect that!).

Lottie dressed as an elf and Lottie sat in front of the christmas tree

We had a quiet Christmas as we have such a small family but Boxing Day we went over to my dad’s as my Gran turned 90 on Christmas Day so we have a nice get-together and a bit of cake for her!!

Lottie dressed as Mrs Claus

Then literally 3 weeks later, Lottie turned 1! We didn’t do too much for it as they don’t really know what’s going on at that age and we haven’t really got any ‘friends’ to invite as such. We decided to throw a little tea party for family and friends over the weekend which was lovely! Everyone popped over for a bit of food and to sing Happy Birthday!

Wooden High Chair with red patterned insert. Decorated with 1st birthday banner, hat and bib with a pink ladybird on it
Table full of buffet party food
Lottie sat in her pink party dress with a pink birthday girl badge
Lottie dressed in a pretty flowery dress turned away from the camera

We had to do the party in 2 parts as my mum goes away for 3 weeks every January so for the 1st party Lottie had a Curly the Caterpillar cake which is a bit of a tradition as Mia had that for her 1st birthday! Party 2 I needed a bigger cake, so we got a Peppa Pig one as Lottie has just started watching a few episodes and seems to like them so far!

Curly the Caterpillar cake with the number 1 candle on it

We also have a fab local balloon company that we used last year for Mia’s 5th birthday party so I asked them again to supply some Minnie Mouse balloons and a big number 1. They didn’t disappoint, and they can pretty much do whatever you want so if your local to Nottingham, drop me a message and I will pass their details on!

Bundle of 2 pink star balloons with 2 minnie mouse balloons. A pink number 1 next to them

I wonder what kind of party she will have next year?
What do you do for you children’s 1st birthday parties?


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