A Guide to My Business – How it all Started!

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I have always wanted to run my own business. It’s definitely something I’m ‘here to do’ and I’m very lucky that I have a partner who supports me in whatever I want to do as well as being able to stay at home with Mia. As well as encouraging me to write a blog, when I fell pregnant with Mia over 4 years ago we went to a craft fair and I saw handmade sock cupcakes on a stall that I fell in love with.

Mario said straight away that we could make them at home to sell and pretty much that week had designed a lovely, brand spanking new website to display my business creations!

After a lot of mistakes and mishaps, I eventually worked out the best way to create my sock cupcakes and deliver them in 1 piece but I was a bit lax with the promotional side of the website.

Once Mia came along, I just didn’t have time to do anything much with the business however about 6 months ago, Mario kick started us up again by updating the website and now we have a much slicker, nicer to use shop!

My business has now grown to include a bigger selection of handmade products that can be personalised to any gender, age and if you would like to specify, colour. Each item is handmade so they are unique and no two are the same. I do not use pins or needles in the products so they can be worn and used straight away. We do a range of single sock cupcakes, a box of sock cupcakes and ‘new parent’ hampers but we also do special featured products throughout the year so look out for those (the Christmas Sock Cupcakes prove to be very popular stocking fillers!).

My Business
My Business

Since starting over 4 years ago we have grown substantially and it’s been lovely to get fully involved in re-launching the business recently. We are much more active on social media and the blog part of the website is where I can keep you all in touch with what’s going on with us as a business and also show you the newly launched products when they come in. If you would like to find out more or get in touch please contact me at


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