Hatchimals Colleggtables Season 3 Have Landed!

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Before I had Mia, I had no idea how much children love anything collectable! Last year Mia started becoming interested in Hatchimals Collectables and has since added to her collection with the Nursery Playset which she plays with pretty much every day! Mia loves Hatchimals and we have already bought her some for Christmas so when we were sent some for her to hatch, we knew she would be very excited!

Hatchimals Season 3

Hatchimals Colleggtables are now on season 3 (yellow eggs) and so there are now literally hundreds to collect! Hatchimals are little creatures that live in various different areas of Hatchtopia such as Lilac Lake and Giggle Grove. Each creature is encased in an egg that needs to be cracked open and you can do this by rubbing the heart on the front to soften the egg or use the nursery tree on the playset that Mia has. The season 3 Hatchimals are now in pairs that you can match together so you can ‘hatch friends forever’ and some eggs even contain twin Hatchimals inside!

Hatchimals Season 3 Surprise
Hatchimals Season 3 Smiling

Mia loves not knowing what Hatchimal she is getting, and this adds to the whole excitement of cracking open each egg! The colour of the egg matches which area the Hatchimal inside comes from so Mia loves looking at the map to check first if she will get any matches! Hatchimals come in various pack sizes and the packs we were sent included the blind bag containing 1 egg (£1.99), a 2-egg pack (£4.99) + nest, 4 egg pack + bonus (£9.99) and then the huge dozen pack (£24.99) which is the one Mia got the most excited about!

Hatchimals Season 3 shocked
Hatchimals Season 3 packs

Mia absolutely loved hatching all of the eggs and it took ages due to her only wanting to use the Hatchimals Playset to do it! She only got 1 Hatchimal the same out of all of them and she managed to hatch 3 ultra-rare ones so she did really well, and they are now all proudly displayed in her bedroom! Hatchimals Colleggtables are certainly going to be on her Christmas list this year!

Hatchimals Season 3 playset
Hatchimals Season 3 ultra rare

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