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Home Exterior: 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring Cleaning Tips


Property maintenance is a must for any homeowner. As we’re approaching spring, it’s that time of year to start thinking about your cleaning to-do list. When the sun starts shining, it will highlight all of the spots that need some attention.

Most people focus on the interior of their home but the exterior needs just as much tender loving care. If you’re wondering what you should tackle first, here are some things to make a priority.


Your windows will need cleaning at this time of year for many reasons. As the natural light hits the glass, you may notice the built-up dirt and grime. Cleaning the glass on the exterior is the best way to keep your windows looking clean.

In addition, the dirt and debris that builds up can also cause damage to the seals over time. Keeping your windows as clean as possible will ensure they meet their life expectancy.

Clear Gutters

Clearing your gutters is essential if you want to protect your property. Your gutters help to clear your roof of excess water but it’s common for debris to land in gutters too. Leaves, small branches, dirt, and much more can build up over time.

If it’s been a while since your last gutter cleaning, you may notice vegetation growing from them. This puts your home at risk because excess rain water can’t drain and it could cause water damage inside your home. Make clearing out your gutters a top priority.

Organise Your Garage

It’s common for garage spaces to become another storage space for household items no longer in use. If you’ve used your garage as a storage space for a while, you may have some organizing on your hands. Organising your garage will allow you to use it as it was meant to be used for your car’s safe keeping.

Alternatively, organising your garage will allow safe passage through the space whenever you need to go in and find something. You may find that you have many valuables in your garage that could be sold to pay for other exterior cleaning jobs.

Patio Cleaning

Having a patio has many advantages. In addition to creating a safe path around your home, it can also make a great space for dining outdoors or even parking your car. Patio has a lengthy life expectancy but it helps if you maintain it.

Jet washing your patio every three months will keep your patio free from anything that could damage it. Debris will build up, especially during bouts of bad weather, and it can bring dirt and pests with it. 

Touch Up Paint

You may have noticed that your exterior paint has stained or chipped during the winter. The first signs of this usually happen on windowsills. Take a walk around your property and look at the walls to see if it’s just touch ups that are required or a whole new paint job. Be sure to invest in good quality exterior wall paint so it stands the test of time.

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