Capturing Special Moments with UCam247 Wearable Camera

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Since Mia was born, like most parents, we have taken thousands and thousands of photos not only of Mia but of all the significant moments and life experiences she has on a daily basis. Life happens at an ever quickening pace and some of the key moments in Mia’s life have been missed or we have had to re-run in order to capture so when UCam247 came to us to see if we would like to review their Wearable Camera, I was really excited to see if it would work for us!

UCam247 bring useful and affordable gadgets and gizmos to their consumers, they create handy ‘little extras’ to enhance everyday life.  One of their products is the Wearable Camera which takes photos as well as captures HD video. The camera itself has been designed to be as easy to use as possible and features hands free and one click operation. You can clip the 4.5cm camera on to your clothing or simply encase it in the splash proof rubber skin it comes with ready to hang around your neck.

On first glance it seems impossible that this little device can take photos at all as it weighs only 26g! It features a built in, rechargeable battery which means it’s ready to grab and go whenever you need it to be as well as charging very quickly and easily. A micro SD card (sold separately) slots into the camera itself and all you need to do, once charged, is connect it to your laptop via USB and instantly your photos/videos appear on screen so you don’t even have to wait for the photos to download.

Wearable Camera

The Wearable Camera can capture individual photos by pressing the camera once or if you hold it for 3 seconds, you can start to record a video so it’s very simple to use! On one charge, the camera can take up to 3000 photos or 2 hours of video recording which again is amazing for such a small device! With a built in microphone, the sound quality is great during playback so there’s no danger of recording some amazing experiences and then losing the atmosphere of them when watching them back! The Camera also has an amazing time lapse function which, when activated by the flick of a switch, automatically takes a photo every 30 seconds so that is so handy when you are wanting to capture an event or time lapse your whole day!

Wearable Camera

We really enjoyed trying out the UCam247 Wearable Camera. A couple of niggles would be that when wearing around your neck, it tends to swing around and ends up the wrong way round, taking photos of your jumper and also that its best clipping on to thicker clothes than thinner ones as the camera can hang down a bit however the photo quality is great and the fact its ready to go whenever you are, is brilliant!

You can pop it on your clothes or round your neck and forget it’s there, knowing that at the end of the day, you will have a lovely selection of captured images from the whole day! We will definitely be using the camera again as it’s really handy to have and is well worth the £49.99 price tag! Mia enjoys wearing it and it means we can look back at her day and see things through her 3yr old eyes!

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