How to Easily Organise your Seasonal Clothes

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I like to be organised. Everyone who knows me knows that I plan things to within an inch of its life so it will be no surprise that when it comes to changing my seasonal wardrobe, I like to organise this process too.

I started creating a clothes list a couple of years ago when I realised that after having Lottie, there were a lot of clothes that I wasn’t wearing, and I was sticking to the same few outfits on rotation. (If you’re looking at ways to minimalise your wardrobe, Ecoralive has a great post with tips to do just that!) With lots of really nice clothes just sitting in drawers, I created a list of all of my clothes that fit, and I wanted to start wearing again so that each day, I wasn’t wearing the same things and I wasn’t ferreting around trying to put an outfit together every morning. It’s nothing complicated, literally just a list of my clothes! Once an item is worn, its moved to the bottom of the list or if I find I don’t like it anymore, its crossed off and goes to the charity shop!

Organise your Seasonal Clothes

Once a new season comes around, I put the unsuitable clothes away in storage bags, so they don’t get in the way of clothes I actually want to wear! These get stored either in the loft or above Lottie’s wardrobe (depending on how many bags there are!). Then I get the previously stored clothes out, go through them and check they all actually fit and I want to wear them again. Once I have these ready to go into my wardrobe and drawers, I make my new list of clothes items, so I know what I want to wear each day. I have always got my clothes out the night before which makes the mornings a lot simpler and quicker to just get up and go!

I find the Dimpa storage bags from Ikea are not only big enough to hold a season’s clothes but also really affordable. These ones hold loads and were only £3 each! I think they do a smaller version for £1.50 as well so a really cheap way to do this!

Organise your Seasonal Clothes

You could even use vacuum bags to store your clothes in as they take up a lot less space! Good quality ones can be used over and over again and can be stored in much smaller spaces such as under the bed. I find it really nice to open up my stored clothes each season as there’s always pieces, I have forgotten about and it makes my clothes more interesting again!

How do you organise your seasonal clothes?

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