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How to Safely Send Goods in the Mail

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There is so much more to running a business than what meets the eye, especially an online business. With a number of us now turning to the online world to do our shopping, even for the basics, the times of packaging have also changed. Most of us want faster delivery, but we all want our deliveries to arrive safely. So whether you’re looking to send clothes, food, shoes, bags or something else, there is usually a packaging solution to adhere to this. With Lil Packaging, not only is their packaging eco-friendly but it’s also cost effective and easy to use. Keep reading to find out more how to safely send goods.

White box packaging


With clothing and sportswear holding the largest share in the eCommerce sector in the UK according to Statista, its no wonder brands are looking for alternatives to fit their clothes through your letterbox. With a few options on how to send your clothing via the postal system and including cardboard boxes and plastic mailers. However, with more consumers as well as businesses looking to cut down their plastic use, using a solution such as the Lil Bag you can reduce waste.

As well as being able to offer a letterbox friendly solution. It’s a huge step away from single-use plastic but offers the same support. Using packaging which is perfect for sliding through the letterbox, not only saves on costs but it also allows for quick delivery. No more waiting around required.  

Subscription boxes

Out with the bulky subscription boxes on the market and in with the new Letterbox offerings. With Subscription boxes constantly on the rise as most of us enjoy the surprise element which comes alongside receiving something in the post each month. With subscription boxes on the increase and competition fierce, providing a unique element will put you ahead of the game. With boxes for snacks, games and stationery on offer being able to send these out in a letterbox package is an advantage. Reducing production time and no need for ‘we couldn’t’ deliver cards.

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One of the best things to receive in the post has to be food, whether it’s a snack box filled with healthy goodness or some tasty chocolates from a friend, getting food in the post is always good. Cadbury even offers a subscription box filled with their most popular chocolate favourites. With so many different choices of food to receive via post, it’s no wonder more brands are looking for letterbox friendly alternatives.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you’re looking for more tips and tricks on how to safely send goods in the post, do let me know!

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