Mia’s 1st Week at School Update

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Well I can’t believe I’m writing this already as it seems only last week we were buying Mia’s new school uniform but we are now finished her 1st week at school! On the whole, she has coped really well with the massive change in everything and from the 1st day, has gone in more often than not without even saying goodbye! It’s been a huge relief for Mario and I, as I can’t imagine how difficult it is to leave your child screaming for you as some of the other parents are having to do.

It hasn’t been without its trials as on Mia’s 1st full day she was put on the ‘sad cloud’ for playing too rough with one of her friends. She was so upset and as anyone who knows Mia, she is far from a rough child but we took the opinion that the teacher was just asserting her authority with the class! Yesterday she came home telling me all about being moved to the ‘sunshine face’ as she had done a really good drawing and got to show the whole class her picture. She was very pleased and kept asking me if I was proud of her which broke my heart!

The only issue we are finding is that she shattered when she comes home but by bedtime, just wants to play resulting in her normal bedtime going from 6:30 to around 9:30pm! She’s ok at getting up in the morning but it would be nice for her to get up slightly earlier so it could be a bit more relaxing! But that’s Mia’s 1st week at school done so we will see how the next few weeks go and we are looking forward to half term already!

1st week at school

How have your little ones been getting on in their 1st couple of weeks?

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