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Keeping Sun Safe with Solero Sun Protection

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Like many of us in the UK we are not used to the hot weather! We never know whether it is going to be nice or not and one minute it can be sunny, the next minute raining! If you are looking for Summer Holiday Fashion (for all weathers) I have written about that too! When we do get hot weather it does have its downsides and for me, and that’s sun cream! I’m not a fan at all and only wear it when I absolutely have to! Here’s how we have been keeping sun safe this summer with Solero Sun Protection!

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With having the girls now, I obviously make sure that they are well protected from the sun, but I know I’m not alone when I say that I find all the different types of sun lotion out there really confusing!

There are the standard lotions, spray bottles, and also the all-day creams. Then you have to decide on factors as well as the UV star rating which I had personally not ever looked at before!

With half of my family being pale and sun burn prone and the other being olive skinned and less prone to burning, it’s really important that I have the right sun cream to protect us all in the Summer months.

Lloyds Pharmacy have a range of their own brand sun protection products called Solero and sent us some to see what we thought! Lloyds Pharmacy is obviously well known for its medicines and possibly for its skin care but I for one wouldn’t go there specifically for sun lotion, until now!

Solero Sun Protection

We were sent 3 of the new range products; the SPF30 Sun Lotion, Cooling Aftersun with Insect Repellent, and the Sun Allergy Prevention Spray.

Keeping Sun Safe

Sun Lotion

As I’m not a huge fan of sun lotion, we tried out the Solero SPF30 Sun Lotion first and I was really impressed with how nice it is to put on. It’s a nice consistency, doesn’t, squirt needlessly out of the bottle as some other brands do, and has a nice smell to it. It has a triple defence protection system, protecting you from UVA, UVB & IR-A rays.

It’s also water resistant so when Mia is in the pool, I know she’s protected until she comes out of the water. Mia had no issues with me popping it on her either as she’s ok at putting it on but not great. She let me put it on her face too which is the most difficult to get on her as she doesn’t like ‘smells’! If she’s happy, I’m happy!

You can also use it regularly as it moisturises and helps keep skin hydrated, soft and supple.

Keeping Sun Safe

After Sun Lotion

Next, we tried the Solero Cooling After Sun with Insect Repellent which is great for when you have had a little too much fun in the sun! With its contents including vitamin B5 and aloe vera leaf extract, it is no wonder that it helps prevent peeling and nourishes sun-stressed skin while adding skin recuperation and replenishing moisture.

The fact it contains insect repellent (working for up to 4 hours) is particularly useful as Mario is constantly being bitten by mosquitos and insects even in the house!

Again, the lotion is a lovely constancy and really feels lovely on your skin. It immediately cools even when your skin is just hot and I will definitely be continuing to use it daily during the hot weather.

Keeping Sun Safe

Sun Allergy Prevention

Finally, we tried the Solero Sun Allergy Prevention Spray which I was really looking forward to as a sufferer of heat spots and rashes throughout my life (thanks pale skin!).

Sun allergies can occur when skin is hypersensitive to UV radiation. This spray helps create a barrier between the skin and such radiation rays. It can the help the skin from flaring up when exposed to the sun. It’s an aerosol so you can spray it directly onto the skin.

I found that you weren’t quite sure where you had sprayed it as its clear and it lets off quite a lot of spray so went everywhere. I think with a bit more use, I would get used to it but for that reason I would only use it on myself and not on the girls as I wouldn’t want them to breathe it in too much.

I did feel it was protecting my skin and will definitely be using it when we go away next. Its quick and easy to use so I would spray it on my body first thing in the morning ready to go out in the sun.

Keeping Sun Safe

I was impressed by the range of own-brand sun protection, Solero, that Lloyds Pharmacy have and although I wouldn’t have thought to go into the pharmacy for my family’s sun protection, I will be considering this range when I next need to buy some.

The sun lotion is effective against the sun’s rays and the water resistance is a good thing, the after sun is great in helping to heal sun burn and the insect repellent is fab! Although I wouldn’t use the allergy prevention spray on the girls, I would definitely use it myself to stop those pesky heat spots and rashes.

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