Soothe your Feet After you Stand all day: Our Top Tips

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Standing in one place is much harder than moving or walking around in some ways, as it causes foot and leg fatigue as the muscles don’t get a break. Standing on your feet all day can cause your feet to swell and also make circulation hard. 

Sometimes you need more than a good pair of shoes to care for your feet. You will need to create a routine that’ll help relieve the pressure and keep your blood flowing after a long day. So, after standing all day, here are some tips to help you soothe and relax your feet. 

First, Wear The Right Shoes

This may seem like a normal thing to do, but it is essential to wear shoes that fit very well. They should complement the contours of your feet and offer appropriate arch support and proper heel support. 

The ball of your foot must comfortably fit into the broadest section of the shoe, and your heel should not slide inside. It is also smart thinking to buy shoes that can be easily adjusted, such as ones with laces, to personalise the fit.

Elevate Your Feet

Try to elevate your feet for about 10-15 minutes whenever you are free or on a break. Gravity will help you boost circulation around your legs. Also, endeavour to keep your feet elevated after work and before you sleep at night.

Try Pain Relief Medications

Pain relief medicines are a great way to soothe the pain you might feel on your feet after a long day. A good pain relief medicine to take is the CBD capsules made by CBD Queen

CBD capsules in the UK have grown in popularity and have been shown to help treat various health issues, including pain management. So, taking the right pain relief medicine will help relieve foot pain.  

Stretch Often

You need a tool to stretch; you can do it throughout the day, even at work. You can do a few forward folds, bend down and touch your toes, or squat with your knees to your chest and your ankles raised. This will help you relieve tension in your lower half.

When You Get The Chance, Walk

If it isn’t compulsory for you to stand in the same spot at that exact time, try walking around for a bit. Every step you take helps greatly, even if you’re just marching around the place. Doing this will help stimulate circulation and further enhance the muscles’ function.

Get A Massage

If you can, make time to book a foot massage session. This is a perfect way to help ease lower limb fatigue since massages are helpful when it comes to releasing stress, pain, and tension. 


If your job requires you to stand for extended periods, then take steps to care for your feet by following the tips above. While you can, try to provide your body with all the love and attention it requires, including your feet. This will reduce the chances of more health complications and boost your performance and mental health.

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