#learnandshare First Aid Skills with the British Red Cross

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I have always understood the importance of learning basic first aid skills not only from the view of a parent but also from working in a school. Over the 4 years I worked as a Teaching Assistant I have been on numerous first aid training courses, pediatric courses and the use of an epi-pen however I know that although my response to someone needing help would be automatic, I never feel 100% confident in my ability to be able to actually do much to help! I wish that basic first aid was included as part of ante-natal classes as I would have found them really useful and I do believe they could help parents if they ever needed it #learnandshare.

The British Red Cross have begun a campaign which encourages people to #learnandshare some basic first aid skills that would be really useful if the situation ever presented itself. We were asked to get involved over Mother’s Day weekend and learn a new first aid skill. We were given ‘First Aid for a burn’, something that I wouldn’t be too sure how to handle correctly so I was really pleased that over the weekend I have been able to read up some more about exactly what I could do to help.


The British Red Cross campaign encourages us to learn a new skill and pass your new knowledge onto others so we can all get involved to learn some basic skills. They have a really great website where you can find out more and there is also an app which I have had on my iPhone for a while now, which gives more information about what to do if you ever find yourself needing to administer first aid.

We have learnt a new first aid skill this weekend, head over to the website and see what you could #learnandshare


Disclaimer: we were sent some information in order to take our #learnandshare photo frame photo however I chose to write this post myself


  • Stevie Couch

    I did a first aid course with my previous job but it really wasn’t great, I want to do a proper one at some point, but I have used videos and posts by the red cross before to learn more, they’re so helpful!

    Stevie x

    • Becca Farrelly

      Yeah they are great for a quick revision of your skills. I want to do another to top-up what I learned a few years ago as I think it’s so important to have a basic level of first aid. Thanks for dropping by!

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