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Tips For Decorating Smaller Bedrooms

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When it comes to smaller bedrooms, space can be limited. However, it’s important that you can still decorate the bedroom with everything you or that household member needs. Even with the most limited spaces, there’s an ability to make the most out of it and create a space that’s functional for the user. Here are some helpful tips for decorating smaller bedrooms.

Decorating Smaller Bedrooms
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Decorating Smaller Bedrooms:

Make Use Of Gaming Beds Or Bunk Beds

For space savers, it’s good to use beds that are going to be off the ground or that double up as an additional space. A good purchase to make in the case of a children’s bedroom is gaming beds or a bunk bed that has extra storage space below. These are a great way to utilise the space that you do have but also the height of the room, which some might not necessarily consider. Bunk beds can also be very useful for those who have multiple children and perhaps not enough bedrooms for each one to have their own. It’s something that you can certainly incorporate when your children are young and are happy to share with their siblings at this point.

For adult bedrooms, you might want to try and make use of foldable beds that perhaps double up as a sofa or can even go away into the wardrobe. A lot of properties in Hong Kong have adopted this style of functionality within their homes due to the lack of space that some of these properties have. It might not be something you need to go to the extent of having, but it’s an option that has become a lot more popular across home interior designs across the world.

Keep The Layout Simple

Keeping the layout simple is definitely going to help when it comes to decorating smaller rooms. Obviously, space is an issue, and so the layout needs to be fairly straightforward. With that being said, you might want to keep furniture to a minimum so that you’ve got a lot more floor space. Many of those with smaller spaces will tend to also make use of things that can keep the majority of stuff off the floor. Things like floating shelves are good as storage but also as a feature on the wall.

If you’re struggling to get around the space, it might be worth rearranging furniture or perhaps taking some of it out and replacing it with something more functional. Functionality is definitely essential for smaller spaces, so focus on creating that.

Use Light & Mirrors For Space

Lighting is an important element of any room because a dark and dim room can already make a space feel tiny, even when it’s not. The placement of lighting can also help when it comes to both natural and artificial lighting. Try your best to incorporate natural light where you can and where it’s not possible, use warm lighting for the most part. Clinical, white lights are never an enjoyable experience, but if you want to experiment with colour, then it’s always worth trying out LED coloured lights to create different moods within the space.

Spilling Life Tea has some more innovative ways to brighten your bedroom easily so make sure you check out that post too!

Clear Out The Clutter

Clearing out the clutter in a room is essential. You don’t want to take up any more floor space than necessary and usually, clutter contributes to that. When it comes to clutter, work on it room by room. If you have a couple of smaller rooms within your home, then prioritise by the importance of the room when deciding which one to do first. For sorting through the clutter, share the responsibility with your household if it’s a shared space. Arrange the clutter into a chucking out, giving to charity, and selling piles. This will help make the most of your clutter in terms of where it’s going to end up. The less you can throw away into the bin, the better it’ll be for the environment.

Get Furniture That Doubles Up As Storage

And finally, get furniture that’s going to double up as storage. Multi-use furniture is always great to make use of a small space. A bedroom that has storage when you lift up the top half or storage underneath your vanity chair, is just two examples. There’s plenty of furniture that can double up as a storage option and will be important when you’re dealing with a smaller bedroom.

Decorating a small space is certainly doable and so don’t get bogged down with the thought of being limited. These tips just show how much you can do with any bedroom size.

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