Looking back at our Christmas Traditions

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I have seen so many people writing about their Christmas traditions, that it got me thinking about my own childhood Christmas’ and what kind of traditions we have now we have Mia and Lottie. When I was a child, my 2 siblings and I all slept in the same room on Christmas Eve ready to get up together and come downstairs to see whether Santa had been! We loved doing this and it definitely added to the excitement of the evening! It was lovely waking up with them really excited and waiting to go downstairs with mum and dad!

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We always had a tradition that had been passed down from my Nan and it was to have a little present on the Christmas dinner table nestled inside a snowman made from an old sweet bottle. It was something we looked forward to every year after the main present opening and it’s something my mum and Nan did every single year. Each present was tied to a ribbon with our name on it and we took it in turns to each pull our present out of the snowman’s body. When we had Mia, I said we would start doing the same and we did! In fact we were featured in Mother and Baby magazine in a piece about Christmas traditions. The only difficulty is finding presents small enough to fit inside which sounds easy but it really isn’t!!

Christmas Traditions

As we have all got older and moved out of the family home, Christmas has naturally changed but we all make time to see each other on the day itself and then we usually go to my dad’s for Boxing Day dinner. I’m starting to get really excited about Christmas now and it definitely changes when you have your own children.

We know have our own little family Christmas Traditions and these include going to visit Santa the weekend before Christmas so that they girls can tell him what they would like him to bring for them! I can’t wait to see their faces when they see what ‘Santa’ has brought them this year!

What are your favourite Christmas Traditions and where are you spending Christmas this year?

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